February 2019
SaaS Customer Portals

Welcome to The Cirrostratus Group February newsletter.

This month's topics include SaaS customer portals and three tips to help you be successful as a SaaS leader and provider in 2019.

I'm always interested in hearing about your experiences with delivering cloud applications.

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    SaaS Customer Portals  
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Last month's newsletter talked about SaaS customer journeys and included my blog post on 5 key best practices for your customer's journey.
One key tool for supporting any SaaS customer journey is the customer portal, the entryway for your customers. At it's simplest level it is a website but often very quickly needs to evolve into much more. It is where customers login to your application, search for and interact with your content, request support and collaborate with you. In some cases they may also do financial transactions for additional services. As a provider you need to manage content, understand your customer interactions via analytics and manage security. All of this while potentially having multiple products and channels. Partners add another layer of complexity on top of this.
Gartner uses the term Digital Experience Platforms to describe the increasing complex software required. They just published their Magic Quadrant on Digital Experience Platforms. If you are looking to upgrade your tools in this area the Magic Quadrant report is a good place to start.
Remember if you don't have a way to easily measure interactions with your customer both inside and outside of your SaaS applications real improvement in customer experience will be difficult. 

SaaS Success in 2019

There are several ways to prepare yourself as a SaaS leader and provider for the inevitable changes that will occur in 2019.

First, events and conferences can be a great way to learn and network and here is a list of some of the major SaaS events in 2019 compiled in a recent Gainsight blog post.

Second, you can learn from the SaaS businesses that were successful in the recent past. Here is a great list of SaaS companies that did exceptionally well in 2018 published in Entrepreneur.com.

Third, you can understand some of the predictions for 2019. This is a set of predictions, compiled from experts, specifically on SaaS. These include predicting an increase in the availability and functionality of integration tools for SaaS applications. The increasing strength of SaaS application integration tools is expected to allow more customers to purchase best of breed applications rather than rely on integrated suites from a single vendor.

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