July/August 2018
Customer On-boarding

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Customer on-boarding is a interest area of mine since it can have such a substantial impact on customer retention and attrition. We've all experienced good and bad customer on-boarding experiences as customers of a SaaS product and we know that first impressions make a huge difference in longer term retention. I've included some practical resources which you can use to design or improve your customer on-boarding approach.

It's always of interest to understand what successful SaaS businesses to be successful. This list of 10 successful B to B SaaS companies all have strong ecosystems. In some cases it's a developer community and in others its a marketplace of applications that work with the main application. Salesforce is of course a classic example of a marketplace and at this point it's estimated that the Salesforce marketplace ecosystem is 5 times the revenue size of Salesforce itself. If you aren't creating a strong marketplace or other ecosystem or participating in one this may be limiting your growth opportunity.

I'm always interested in hearing about your experiences with delivering cloud applications.

Paul Ressler
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 Customer On-boarding
Does your customer on-boarding approach look something like the above? The customer on-boarding process is one that affects many functional areas and the product itself. Here is some guidance in an article from Openview on how to align the product and the whole business around successful on-boarding. If a new customer isn't successfully using your product at the beginning there is a high chance of quick attrition or at best a lower chance of up-selling this customer.

Chartmogul has an excellent practical guide with lots of specific suggestions for each of the major onboarding areas including

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Gartner just released the Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools and you can get a free copy here. Cloud and hybrid applications are impacting data integration technology as batch types of integration become less effective. Data integration is key for SaaS applications, Internet of Things, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence basically all of the future areas of software.

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