September 2016
Chatbots and SaaS

Welcome to the September Cirrostratus Group Newsletter.

There has been a lot of press, new offerings, and conversations about Chatbots recently. What impact will they have on SaaS business applications? At this point there isn't any way to predict their impact on your SaaS products but just like thinking about mobile a couple of years ago, I think you need to think about the possibilities. I've included several resources below to help you start or continue the exploration process.

Although Oracle is way behind in providing cloud infrastructure I think it is hard to totally ignore their recent announcement at Oracle World. Larry Ellison's stated at the announcement that "AWS' lead is over".

I'm always interested in hearing about your plans for developing and offering cloud applications, so let me know what your plans are.

Paul Ressler
The Cirrostratus Group  


This article is a great overview of Bots, Chatbots, etc. I also found that this set of 50 examples of corporate chatbots, in a variety of industries, gave a nice current overview of what is in the market or being developed.

Slack, a common collaboration tool, has included the category of bots as an application type that integrates with Slack. Right now they have about 100 different bots available along with the APIs and tools to develop more.

Will chatbots replace mobile apps? Here is an argument that yes they will, or the view that the opposite will be true.

How do chatbots fit into your product strategy? If you have tried some things or made some decisions in this area I would love to get your thoughts.

Inside Sales
Measuring Customers
Inside sales is an integral part of most SaaS go to market strategies. The Bridge Group, an inside sales consulting firm, does an annual survey of the trends in inside sales. A copy of their report can be obtained here. David Skok provides an excellent summary and analysis of the results which is a quicker read and more concise.

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