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June 2017
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Delcrete ® MD is a new generation of elastomeric concrete for high-performance concrete pavements. Typical applications include concrete spall repair patching on highways, parking garages and industrial pavements as well as bridge expansion joint work.

Delcrete ® MD advantages include  high-load bearing capacity, o utstanding anti-spalling properties and e xcellent adhesion to concrete and steel. It is impact resistant,  has high compressive strength and is  chemical resistant.  Delcrete ® MD is easy to install and provides

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Training Brings Our Products into Your Hands
Seminar attendees observing the installation of Delcrete MD in an expansion joint blockout. 

D.S. Brown has embarked on a new approach to help with product learning. Our first educational training seminar was held at our Ohio manufacturing facility in May for our Delcrete® MD Elastomeric Concrete product
Attendees were educated on Delcrete® MD in a short classroom session and then participated in a hands-on product demonstration. Guided by D.S. Brown team members Eric Devine, Dennis Preston and Kyle Dill, attendees mixed, poured and placed the elastomeric concrete material in various blockouts. The team also demonstrated how Delcrete® MD can be effectively used as a header product in a strip seal rail expansion joint application. 

The training was helpful from a product learning standpoint for our attendees, and we enjoyed building and improving our relationships and partnerships with our customers. 

The goal of our training was to ensure that our customers are
A short classroom session kicked-off the Delcrete MD training seminar.
comfortable with the product and educate them on specific installation techniques to help alleviate potential issues that could arise during an actual job site installation. At the end of the seminar, all attendees were presented with certificates acknowledging that they have been successfully trained in the installation of Delcrete® MD.

The Delcrete® MD training program covered:
  • An introductory course in mixing and placing Delcrete® MD
  • Inspecting application areas for the product
  • Identifying applications that are problematic and how to avoid bad installations before installing the product
  • Safety hazards of the product
  • Proper installation tools
  • Proper mixing and placement methods
Proper installation tools, mixing and placement methods were presented in the demonstration.

The response to our training session was enthusiastic. Attendee comments included "technical information was excellent," "very informative," and "the entire trip was very useful and interesting - will be recommending to my contractors for your next training time."

For a peek at a portion of the training session, click here

Interested in being part of the next training session? Contact D.S. Brown's National Sales Manager Ben Jacobus at bjacobus@dsbrown.com or 651-748-8114

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