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September 2017
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The National Veterans Memorial and Museum will be our nation's first national museum honoring veterans. Located on the western edge of downtown Columbus, Ohio, the $75 million, 50,000-square-foot tribute to all American military veterans is more than halfway through construction.

D.S. Brown has been part of this historic building by supplying Versiflex HLMR Disc Bearing Assemblies for the curved parking ramp that wraps around the outside of the building to the roof area.  The Memorial and Museum is an unusual building with three concentric circles created with poured- in-place concrete. The construction has been on an expedited schedule and D.S. Brown was asked to supply drawings and deliver bearings in 30 days.

Versiflex™ HLMR Disc Bearing Assemblies consist of an elastomeric disc made of unconfined polyether-urethane polymer to accommodate rotation between two metal plates. The vertical loads are transferred by the elastomeric disc.

Contact us for more information on Versiflex™ HLMR Disc Bearing Assemblies. 

Upcoming Events

Western Bridge Engineers' Seminar , Portland, Ore., Sept. 6-8, Booth #208

NEBPP Conference, New Brunswick, N.J., Sept. 11-13

SWIFT 2017, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Sept. 18-21, Booth #13

Reaching Out to Hurricane Harvey Victims

At The D.S. Brown Company our hearts go out to those whose lives were torn apart by Hurricane Harvey.  

To provide assistance, we are participating in the Hurricane Harvey relief effort, " Bucket Brigade," through the charity  Impact with Hope

Impact with Hope is asking for the public's help in collecting supplies for those impacted by the storm by filling 5-gallon buckets with nonperishable items. 

Items being collected include, but are not limited to: non-perishable food items; personal hygiene items; cleaning supplies; hand tools, shovels, flashlights and batteries; blankets, clothing and gloves; pet products; and baby diapers and formula.

D.S. Brown has boxes and buckets marked "Donations for Hurricane Harvey" in designated locations throughout the company for employees to contribute.

We ask all who can, to assist the Hurricane Harvey victims though Impact with Hope or a charity of your choice. 

Spotlight on Two Long-term  D.S. Brown Employees 

Don Kunde has worked for The D.S. Brown Company for more than thirty-seven years in steel fabrication/welding.  Don remembers back to when he first began with the company  and his trainer asked him if he had learned a lot in welding school. 
Of course, Don told him yes. 

"He then told me to forget all of it as he was going to show me how steel fabrication really works," said Don. "He was so very right."
He's seen many changes over the years, including watching the joint fabrication shop grow in size as well as many new product lines added.  

Don has many fond memories of D.S. Brown.

"Definitely I remember all of the talented people that I've had the good fortune to work with and get to know," said Don. "Most of all, the knowledge that I've acquired over these many years has come from those who took the time to share their skills and insights."

Tye Buchman has been with D.S. Brown for 11 years. He started as a welder on the strip seal line in the expansion joint department. The biggest change he has seen over his years at D.S. Brown is in the overall growth of the company.

Tye also has good memories of the people he has encountered and the work he has done during his years at D.S. Brown.

"I appreciate working with good people and having the opportunity to learn different ways to do a job," said Tye. "Improving my own fabrication skills has helped provide the customer with the best products D.S. Brown has to offer."

D.S. Brown is proud to have long-term employees like Don and Tye, who through their dedication, make both D.S. Brown and our products better. Thank you for your commitment!

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Did you ever wonder where our products can be found in use around the globe? Look no
further! D.S. Brown products can be found on some of the most incredible projects in the  world.

Check out D.S. Brown's YouTube channel to view our latest  video featuring the signature projects around the world that use our products.

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