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March 2017
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Seismic Isolation Bearings
D.S. Brown Seismic Isolation Bearings are ideal for protecting critical structures from ground movement in all seismic zones and soil types. These proof-tested lead-core elastomeric bearings are maintenance-free and designed to operate throughout the full lifecycle of bridges, buildings, towers and piers.

Our isolation bearing assemblies have been providing ongoing seismic protection and dependable service on more than 80 important structures for more than two decades. Contact our engineering team today for assistance incorporating D.S. Brown Seismic Isolation Bearings into your structural design.

Versiflex™ Elastomeric Bearing Assemblies
For nearly 50 years, elastomeric bearing assemblies have been used in the construction of new bridges and the rehabilitation of existing structures. Other applications include: buildings and arenas, shear-key bumpers, seismic isolation protection and vibration devices for machinery. 

Versiflex™ elastomeric bearing assemblies are custom-molded using neoprene or natural rubber and are categorized into three basic designs: non-reinforced, laminated (shown above) and sliding bearing assemblies. Rotation and displacement of elastomeric bearing devices are accommodated by deformation of the elastomer. Bearing assemblies may be molded with holes, slots, skewed ends, clipped corners and/ or sealing ribs and may also be circular in shape.
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April 10-12: SEBPP Annual Meeting, Charleston, WV

April 19-21: TX Aviation Conference, San Marcos, TX, Booth 37

April 23-25: SEC AAAE Conference, Knoxville, TN, Booth #4

D.S. Brown Bearings Specified in New Projects

D.S. Brown products can be found on some of the largest infrastructure projects throughout the United States. Three projects - the I-40 White River Bridge in Arkansas, the Pennsylvania Rapid Bridge Replacement Project and the TEX Rail Project in Fort Worth - use D.S. Brown's Versiflex™  Structural Bearing Systems.

I-40 White River Bridge
The I-40 is an east-west interstate highway connecting Oklahoma and Tennessee with the majority of the route in Arkansas. In March construction of a new White River Bridge and approaches is scheduled to begin, with expected completion in summer 2019. The goal is to modernize the area's transportation infrastructure while providing improved safety and mobility for travelers.


Currently, the White River Bridge has four 12-foot-wide travel lanes and 200 feet of vertical clearance between piers to accommodate commercial navigation vessels. The new White River Bridge will be designed with 18 spans that include six travel lanes. It will provide 321.5 feet of horizontal clearance between the two main river piers and 51.9 feet of vertical clearance above the flow line of the White River channel. D.S. Brown is providing 268 Seismic Isolation Bearings for the bridge. These bearings are maintenance-free and ideal for protecting critical structures from ground movement in all seismic zones and soil types.

Owner: Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Dept.
Contractor: Parsons/Mahan
Product: Seismic Isolation Bearings

Pennsylvania Rapid Bridge Replacement Project
In 2013 PennDOT was challenged by an aging, structurally-deficient bridge inventory and limited funding and resources. The Rapid Bridge Replacement Project was developed - a public-private partnership with Plenary Walsh Keystone Partners. Through this project, PennDOT is replacing 558 of the state's roughly 4,000 structurally-deficient bridges. The project will provide motorists with new, modern structures and allow PennDOT to remove the old bridges from their structurally-deficient list.

By the end of 2016, crews had completed 173 bridges throughout the state. D.S. Brown is supplying approximately 3,350 Versiflex™ Elastomeric Bearings for the bridges. Crews are gearing up for their busiest year of the project with nearly 300 bridges slated for replacement in 2017.

Owner: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Contractor: Walsh
Product: Versiflex™ Elastomeric Bearings

TEX (Tarrant Express Rail) Rail Project
TEX Rail (Tarrant Express Rail) is a new 27-mile commuter rail line being developed by the Fort Worth Transportation Authority that will extend from downtown Fort Worth, across northeast Tarrant County, to DFW International Airport's Terminal B. This line will begin service in late 2018 and is projected to serve more than 8,000 daily riders by the end of the first year of operation. By 2035, approximately 14,000 riders are anticipated to ride the system. D.S. Brown is providing 197 Versiflex™ Elastomeric Bearing Assemblies.

Owner: TRE (Trinity Railway Express)
Contractor: Archer Western/Herzog (through Hirschfeld Industries)
Product: Versiflex™ Elastomeric Bearings

In The News

Ben Jacobus has been promoted to National Sales Manager of Bridge Products. He was previously National Sales Manager of the Pavement Product Division. Ben has been with D.S. Brown for 18 years.

Ryan Sypherd has accepted the position of National Sales Manager of Pavement Products. He has worked in the past as a Regional Manager. Ryan has more than nine years with  D.S. Brown.

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