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We are living in some very interesting and challenging times. When you consider the economic instability of our nation, the political and social change that is before us, the increase of Islamic radicalism and the unsuccessful attempts of moderate Muslim reformists, and the major changes in regards to what is happening in the local church, we have much to focus our prayer and efforts on. In the midst of all of this, there are still thousands of ethnic groups (most in restricted access countries) that have no way of knowing Jesus unless someone goes and tells them.


What shall we do? Will you help us mobilize, and train others to reach these people groups? Many of these groups reside in Muslim nations. The only solution to the advance of radical Islam is the gospel. Much of the funding that was once abundantly available is now harder to acquire for faith missionaries such as Jeannie and myself. The solution? Pray and ask the Lord what he would have you do to partner with us (and others who are focusing on the unreached!) Then there is the tremendous exodus we are seeing in the local churches across our nation. Where are these folks going? Most are not abandoning their faith in Jesus, but are searching for a more personal, relational experience with their brothers and sisters in Christ. Therefore many are forming casual, informal, simple gatherings in homes, restaurants, places of business and coffee shops. We have chosen to assist these folks in reaching out to the unreached nations and becoming more focused on mission in their own communities.


As we approach the coming months, Jeannie and I are praying for our support to increase in order to devote more time to training and mobilization.
South East Asia Trip Update


On April 6th I (Don) flew to South East Asia to teach at our school: South East Asia Institute for Intercultural Studies. (see  for more info). I taught on the "Personal Adjustments and Lifestyle of the Field Worker" This was a one week course that focused on the preparation, calling, character, spiritual life, being cross cultural and conflict resolution in the life of a missionary. Our school focuses on You Reaching Muslims, this course emphasized the YOU in reaching Muslims. I had a great time with the students.  


The second week I served as the host for the course: "Islamization, Sharia Law and It's Implications for Today" This series of courses are taught every April-May and equips church planters, disciple makers in the Muslim context. Jeannie and I are part of team that started this school back in 2002. We have taught field workers from all over the world focusing mainly on the South East Asia regions. We are very encouraged by the fruit of this training.


Thank you all for partnering with me on this trip.

Mission Data International

I recently became a board member of "Mission Data International - M-DAT. (see This is a ministry that develops and operates practical websites that help people take their next step in missions involvement. M-DAT brings people and missions together using internet technology. M-DAT fills the gap from when a person begins to consider becoming a missionary to when they move to their destination of service. There are several websites that are maintained by M-DAT:

At our recent yearly board meeting held near Kansas City, I was appointed treasurer of the organization. We rejoice in the tremendous service this ministry provides to those considering serving in missions. You can visit these websites and see the tools that are available.  

Future Plans and Prayer Requests

Your prayers are extremely vital to the work the Lord has called us to do. Here are a few things that are on the horizon as well as some personal needs.

  • Don flies to Dallas, Texas in June to meet with several key leaders to discuss urban disciple making movements. For more information on these movements I encourage you to get the book: Miraculous Movements by Jerry Trousdale. It is available on Amazon.
  • Preparing for a gathering or roundtable meeting with folks on the House2House network to discuss how we can best serve one another to accomplish reaching the nations. This may be held in a few months, possibly in the fall. Pray that these details will come together soon.
  • Increase funding so that we can devote more time to our call to train and mobilize the Church to reach the unreached people groups.
  • We need reliable transportation. Our cars are getting old! Please pray that this need will be met soon.
  • We have standing invitations to minister in Indonesia, China, South Africa, Thailand and the Philippines. Please pray that as funding is acquired, he will be able to serve those in these regions. This also means that our funding needs to be sufficient enough so that we (Don & Jeannie) can travel together. This is a big request! As of now Jeannie cannot travel with me due to her employment. Until our funding reaches a certain level we will still need to work in the marketplace.

The urgency of getting the gospel to those who are out of reach is without saying. The solution to all the turmoil we see is the gospel. I am encouraged by the devotion that I see in those I visit on the field and desire to give their lives for the sake of reaching a few. I pray that we may continue to learn and be inspired by their example of devotion and service. Would you be interested in either being one of those who go, or one of those who sends? Let us know! We can help!


Thank you for your continued prayer and financial support. Our God is faithful!



Don & Jeannie Davis
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