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Reflection Benefit, Auction, and Raffle Raises $530,366 for Grieving Kids!

Remembering Loved Ones this Memorial Day

Creating Bookend Routines

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May 2020

Reflection Benefit, Auction, and Raffle Raises $530,366 for Grieving Kids!

Thank you!

We are truly grateful to each and very one of you who gathered virtually on May 8 to support the work of The Dougy Center. The 2020 Reflection Benefit & Auction presented by KinderCare Education was a huge success and raised $530,366 to help children, teens, young adults, and their families grieving the death of a loved one, and families living with an advanced serious illness.

Our deepest gratitude to our event chairs, Ashleigh and Mike Gunter, our sponsors, and everyone near and far who tuned in for this special evening.

Congratulations to our 23rd Annual Porsche Boxster Raffle winner with ticket number 1358. Thank you to everyone who supported The Dougy Center by purchasing a raffle ticket!

If were not able to tune in and if you would like to make a gift, you can watch the video via our Facebook page here (the program starts at the 30-minute mark). The event donation page found here will remain live for a limited time.


Remembering Loved Ones this Memorial Day

Memorial Day

While Memorial Day focuses on honoring those who died while in the Armed Services, for many grieving families it can be a time to honor and remember anyone in their lives.

Many grieving children and adults worry they will forget things about the person who died, like not being able to recall the sound of their grandfather’s voice, the smell of their mother’s hair, or the way their little brother’s laugh echoed around the living room.

If you’re looking for ways to honor and remember the people in your life who have died this Memorial Day, here are some other suggestions from families at The Dougy Center:

■ Paint or decorate a special box that you can fill with mementos, photos, or written memories. Ask children where they would like to keep the box.

■ Cook a meal of the person or people’s favorite foods. Write up the recipes on index cards and invite family and friends to use the other side to write down memories of times they shared these foods with the person.

■ Ask family and friends to write down stories about the person, especially things they know about that you or your children may not. For many children and teens, they enjoy hearing about what the person was like when they were their age: “I remember your dad when he was fourteen and let me tell you, you get in way LESS trouble than he ever did!”

For additional ideas and resources for remembering people in our lives who have died, even during this time of physical distancing, visit The Dougy Center website.


Creating Bookend Routines

When life feels uncertain and unpredictable, having routines throughout the day can help lessen anxiety and provide familiar structure. Especially important are morning and evening routines that can bookend the day.

Here’s an activity for kids (and adults) to help plan out routines for the day. Create your own bookends by thinking about which routines are most helpful for you. Write the most helpful morning routine on the first book and the most helpful nighttime routine on the last book. Then, fill in the rest of the books with other routines you do throughout the day. When you’re finished, share your helpful routines with your family!

For a full-sized sheet, download this pdf.

Bookend Routines


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