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The Deadline is Almost Here! My Project over

at Kickstarter!!


It's been almost a month since I launched my Kickstarter project. I'm in the last 24 hours and have a bit of a hill to climb to make my goal. Many of you have kicked in to support my project. So maybe you can tell a friend and they can tell a friend...Check out my project page here, watch the video and if you feel so inclined pledge to my cause. 

I've received a number of pledges and am so grateful but I need some more...I've posted an update on my project page and it shows the beginnings of the mold making process to cast the first glass figures. And the first figures are cooking in the kiln as I write this. That's very exciting. And more pictures will be posted over at Kickstarter...check it out! See the first glass casting below. It's so cool!! And it's just the beginning!

glass figures

I only receive the funds pledged if I meet my goal. And those funds will help provide me with new equipment, glass, plaster and rubber. All of the things I'll need to make my art. Listen to my story...let me know what you think...and pledge if you can! 




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