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Working off our three-year action plan for 2020-2022, HONU in 2021 continued its focus on four key areas: 1) healthy lifestyles, 2) mental health, 3) addiction and risky use of substances, and 4) health equity.

Check out our highlights and thank you to the many community volunteers who served on the HONU leadership and action teams in 2021!
We're Excited to Announce 
Our New Expanded Website!

For the last three+ years, the New Ulm Area Chamber of Commerce has generously hosted a "mini" three-page website for us on their own website. And for that, we owe them a very big THANK YOU!

Now, with the continued success of the Heart of New Ulm and the fantastic work of all of the 70+ volunteers serving on seven action teams, it was time to build out a more robust website. We can now showcase all of these teams' great work and provide our community with an even easier way to find out more about how we work along with news, events, project updates and more.

Thanks to Redwood Valley Technical Solutions for their great work in creating the new site for us.

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

The Heart of New Ulm (HONU) Leadership Team would like to thank all the community sponsors who have generously pledged financial support to continue the work of HONU as a community-owned health initiative.

These sponsors include: The City of New Ulm, New Ulm Area Community Education, New Ulm Area Chamber of Commerce, New Ulm Medical Center Foundation, Allina Health and the City of Springfield. HONU thanks these sponsors for their commitment to helping HONU truly achieve its goal of helping everyone in the New Ulm and Brown County area improve their health.