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Our 2023 Action Team Highlights
The Heart of New Ulm (HONU)’s work happens with the help of everyone in our community, including a volunteer Leadership Team and more than 70 volunteers who serve on seven action teams, representing more than 35 organizations. 

Here’s a look at a few of the many 2023 accomplishments the volunteers on these action teams helped realize.

It's Time for a Fun and Active Story Stroll!

In celebration of I Love to Read Month and Winter Walk to School Day, the Safe Routes to School team is partnering with local schools to host a Story Stroll! It’s going to be a fun opportunity for students to get outside for a walk to enjoy the winter along with a great story.
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Ending Loneliness
and Isolation

Loneliness and isolation is an epidemic in the United States. Half of American adults report experiencing loneliness, and millions lack social connection. Human beings are built for connection and without meaningful relationships, we can suffer both physically and emotionally. 

Join us as we discuss the risk factors that lead to loneliness and isolation and how they can impact both individuals and communities. Together, we will learn ways to advance social connection and lessen the burden of isolation, which will help to create healthier and happier lives for all.
Learn About the New Active Transportation Plan for New Ulm
The Heart of New Ulm along with many community partners worked on a new citywide Active Transportation Action Plan throughout 2023, which was adopted by the City of New Ulm in late fall. It’ll help make the city better for people walking, bicycling, and using other human-powered ways of getting around as part of everyday life and for recreation.

Coming May 1 —

Our Inaugural South-Central Minnesota Mental Health Conference