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DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano Announces the NEW Provisional WAIVER RULE (January 2, 2013) 

Today, DHS Secretary Announces the New I-601 Provisional Unlawful Waiver Rules.   


Unauthorized immigrant spouses and children of U.S. citizens who apply for legal status can now stay in the U.S. during most of the application process instead of being required to go to their home country to apply and wait for for a decision on that waiver app.

The law will go into effect March 4.  We are all relieved and pleased with today's announcement!

Christopher Helt, Esq. in federal district court

Skander R., facing removal from the United States to Pakistan, won a successful
deportation trial in which the immigration judge granted him a green card in August. The trial lasted well into the evening, and the Immigration Judge had to cancel a speaking engagement at a local Memphis immigration conference.  The case had been hotly contested by Department of Homeland Security attorneys for over 20 years, down to the final closing arguments, objecting to granting Skander a green card, demanding his deportation instead.

Christopher Helt had reopened the case, removing a previous deportation order in Los Angeles, then transferred venue to Memphis, TN.  Mr. Helt was the lead counsel of record handing the final trial, including the federal mandamus suit brought previously at the Memphis federal district court.  After an over 20-year-battle fighting to remain in America is over.  Congratulations to Skander and his lovely family. 

Christopher Helt, Esq. who is also an adjunct faculty member at Loyola University, gave an informative lecture to Islamic Studies undergraduate students at Loyola University of Chicago's New Cuneo Hall on December 7, 2012.  His lecture was entitled, "Domestic Terrorism, Immigration and Devon Avenue."

Mr. Helt discussed the attitudes of the general public surrounding US immigration and domestic terrorism since 9/11, its links -- if any -- and contemporary theories on the true root causes of terrorism in society.  Dr. Kim Searcy, Phd. professor of Islamic Studies at Loyola, said: "Mr. Helt's lecture offered new and refreshing insights on the often unfair stigma that many our immigrants in the Devon community face when terror strikes, inside or outside the United States."
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Christopher Helt's trip to Pakistan for Embassy Interview:
Christopher Helt will be traveling to Pakistan shortly to prepare a client for his consular interview. "It is critical to familiarize oneself with the new overseas procedures for filing an I-212 and/or an I-601 waiver or 'forgiveness' application." How does the June 2012 waiver rule change affect cases where you may need to file a waiver?  Please email Helt Law Group or tweet us for more information on this important new immigration issue for those awaiting green cards abroad.
Christopher Helt, Esq. in federal district court
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Christopher Helt, Esq. in federal district court
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