The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles Newsletter
February, 2018: Breeze Issue #124
Greeting From The Director


Thanks to your support, we have started a new year with a great deal of fun and excitement with a new exhibition, lectures and workshops. I am often asked if there is any secret in coming up with an eclectic mix of event ideas. The short answer is there is no secret. The long answer is we never miss a beat when it comes to exploring new talents and interesting topics. But that is only the start. What is more important than discovering shiny raw materials, is to weave them into good stories. After all, cultural exchange is considered mutual story-telling. A national treasure remains what it is; a treasure to its nation of origin and it will not speak to YOU unless it comes with a relatable story. Our team here at JFLA is infamously known for spending too much time discussing the best stories that go hand in hand with the aspects of Japanese culture we would like to introduce.

I hope you will continue to appreciate the stories we have yet to tell and I always look forward to listening to your stories as well.

Hideki Hara, Director

Migrating Dreamscapes: Nobuo Anzai
Through February 6, 2018

Nobuo Anzai's paintings are heartfelt memories of countries he calls homes- Brazil, Colombia, Spain and Japan. They are unseparated in his mind and heart through his life's passages as a migrant worker, farmer, chef and artist.

Meditation With Japanese Singing Lin Bowl
Relax With Sound During Lunch
Wednesday, February 7
12:30/1:00PM (2 Sessions, 20 Min/ Session)
Just Show Up! 

Wellness Wednesdays: We offer Wellness programs at lunchtime!

The Singing Lin Bowl harmoniously combines the healing qualities of the Tibetan singing bowl and its Japanese counterpart, the Lin bowl. Relax and feel your stress dissipate into thin air as the sounds of the singing-Lin bowl lead you into a meditative state.

There is no charge and no reservation required. All are welcome to come, sit, listen, and refresh!

Gyotaku: Impressions of the Sea
by Dwight Hwang
February 8 - 28, 2018
Opening Reception: Meet the Artist
Thursday, February 8 @7PM

Using Sumi ink, Washi paper, and the days catch, Gyotaku (gyo =fish,  taku= stone rubbing) is the traditional method of printing fish in Japan. Strictly adopting the traditional technique and materials, the artwork by Dwight Hwang is so sophisticated and detailed as to seemingly give new life to the fish.  This is a preview show for the exhibition to be held in summer 2018 at the Japan Foundation, Los Angeles.

The Winning Formula: A Ninja With A Cat Is Even Better Than A Samurai With A Cat
Neko Ninja  (猫忍)   (95mins, 2017)
Wednesday, February 14 @7PM
Free Admission, NO RSVP REQUIRED

The crew of "Neko Samurai" present a funny and heartwarming Ninja movie.
Kagerota, a rogue ninja, is a wanted man as his clansman believes that he knows whereabouts of the scrolls which tells the mythical skills of warriors changing appearances to win battles. Kagerota is taking "Father," an overweight, golden-haired and red-nosed cat in his bag. He believes the cat is the feline form of his long-disappeared and legendary ninja father Kuze Kenzan because of the same red nose as Kenzan's.

Kendama Performance Duo "Zoomadanke"
In-Store Performance & Workshop @JAPAN HOUSE Shop
Thursday, February 22 @4-7PM
Admission: Free
Venue: Hollywood & Highland, Level 2 Awards Walk

Zoomadanke is one of the most famous professional Kendama performers in Japan. They are pioneers who blended the elements of Kendama, dance and music together to create a new style of performance. Their stylish and acrobatic performances have captured the interests of many people. They get invited to events and TV shows not only in Japan but also overseas.

Jamming' with J-Pop Music Theory Lecture
Lecturer: Dr. Jonathan "Capital" Patterson
(Assistant Professor of Practice with USC Thornton School of Music)
Friday, February 23 @7pm
Admission: Free, RSVP Required

Details will be available on our website soon...

Bilingual Yoga at Lunchtime
Wednesday, February 28
12:30/1:00PM (2 sessions, 20min/ session)
Just Show Up! 

Wellness Wednesdays: We offer Wellness programs every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at lunchtime!

February 28 is Yoga day!  In this program, no need to change clothes or use a yoga mat; you will be seated in a chair receiving relaxing instruction from a bilingual (English and Japanese) instructor. Learn simple Japanese phrases during the instruction and stretch your mind as well as your body.

There will be two free sessions beginning at 12:30pm and 1:00pm. No reservation necessary, all are welcome.

Loving Tribute to Unsung Hero: Kirareyaku
Uzumasa Limelight  (太秦ライムライト)  (104mins, 2014)
Wednesday, February 28 @7PM
Free Admission, NO RSVP REQUIRED

A drama that evokes the pathos of an actor who specializes in the waning samurai film genre, set at the Uzumasa film studio in Kyoto.Fukumoto Seiji, Japan's top "kirareyaku" (whose job it is to be felled with a sword by a film's star) with appearances in numerous samurai movies, plays a utility actor reminiscent of himself in his first starring role in a film.

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Japanese Conversation Cafe: Tea Time
Saturday, February 10, 2018
Free admission, register now

Come join our casual conversation café and meet new friends!  You'll enjoy chatting with native Japanese speakers.  All levels are welcome.  Japanese learning experience is not necessary.  We are open to everyone, ages 18 and up.


We are pleased to announce the start of our Fiscal Year 2018-19 grant programs that we organize annually in support of Japanese-Language Education in the United States.
These include the following:
  1. Learners Event Grant previously known as "Speech Contest Grant" (Deadlines: 3/1/2018 & 9/1/2018)
  2. Teaching Material Purchase Grant (Deadlines: 3/15/2018 & 9/15/2018)
  3. Salary Assistance Grant for Japanese Language Courses (Deadline: 4/10/2018)
  4. Japanese-Language Education Project Grant (Deadline: 2 months prior to project start date)
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Japanese Language Education Update #51:
Highlights From Our Speak Japan Blog

Every week at our Speak Japan blog we have something interesting to show you! Started as an extension of our Speak Japan initiative in order to provide further inspiration, ideas, and resources to teachers, students, and those interested in both Japan and Japanese, this blog has since picked up a lot of fascinating stories! What new resources are available for students and teachers? Who are some inspiring people today?
In this update, we would like to introduce some of our highlights from the blog. If you have any interesting stories or useful resources to share, please be sure to share them with us! In the meantime, be sure to check back for more!

Story Highlights:
-From his experiences in Asia as both a student and a Japanese teacher, to his activities in spreading peace, we talked with Koichi Kuwabara about the broader goal of promoting intercultural understanding.
Humans of Minamisanriku Project from Baylor University
-A project that began in Baylor University that helps us better understand those affected by the 2011 Tohoku disaster on a more direct and individual level by lending an ear to the voices of the people.
-We post about grants and resources as soon as we hear about them!
-Every week we post about what kinds of jobs are available for those who can speak Japanese.