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February 2019 Issue 
February 22 - March 17
Various venues (New York, NY)

Image courtesy of NYICFF
This year's New York International Children's Film Festival showcases two feature-length films from Japan: the World Premiere of Kitaro Kosaka's Okko's Inn (2018), a warm and moving film about love, loss, and altruism threaded with equal moments of inquiry and delight; and Hiroyasu Ishida's winningly absurd Penguin Highway (2018), the first feature from the new Japanese animation start-up studio spun off from Hayao Miyazaki's stable of younger animators. This film festival is supported through the JFNY Grant for Arts and Culture. Get special discount tickets on the NYICFF website with the code JFNY19.

February 22, 7 PM
Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens (Delray Beach, FL)

© 2017 "Close-Knit"
Film Partners
Naoko Ogigami's Close-Knit (2017) will be screened as part of the ongoing Morikami Film Series that will come to a close in March. Close-Knit comically depicts the life of a transgender woman, her partner, and her partner's young niece. This series is co-presented by The Japan Foundation as well as the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens.
Japanese Language
March 19, 6:30 PM
The Nippon Club (New York, NY)

Are you planning a trip to Japan in the near future? If so, this workshop is for you! Please join us for our Travel Japanese workshop and learn vocabulary and basic expressions essential for your travel. In this workshop, you will learn how to order food at a restaurant, communicate in basic terms with a store attendant while shopping, tell your destination to a taxi driver or station agent and ask for further information. Japanese customs and useful travel information will be introduced as well. Space is limited and RSVP is required.

February 1, 12 PM
Yale University (New Haven, CT)

Dr. Shuhei Kurizaki
Dr. Shuhei Kurizaki, Associate Professor in the School of Political Science and Economics at Waseda University, will discuss the 2015 legislation related to Japan's security policy and draw implications for promises and challenges of Japan's new security policy. This lecture is supported by CGP.  

February 5, 12 PM
Stanford University (Stanford, CA)

Dr. Shujiro Urata
Dr. Shujiro Urata, Professor in the Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies at Waseda University, will discuss implications of Japan-U.S. trade frictions. Analysis of Japan-U.S. trade frictions can also provide useful implications for the ongoing trade war between the U.S. and China. This lecture is supported by CGP. 

February 6, 6 PM
University of Mary Washington (Fredericksburg, VA)

Technology can be highly transformative in shaping classrooms, and can help create meaningful connections to people and places beyond our local communities. In fact, digital tools can provide students with opportunities to collaborate at a global level, discover new countries and cultures, and learn new languages. Come join us as we introduce teacher-friendly virtual exchange platforms and resources that enrich classrooms with Japanese culture and ultimately help foster future global citizens. The event is free, but RSVP is required. This event is co-organized by CGP and the University of Mary Washington College of Education.

February 18, 4 PM
University of North Georgia (Dahlonega, GA)

Image courtesy of
University of North Georgia
Dr. Julia Bullock, Associate Professor of Japanese Language and Literature at Emory University, will present a lecture about the impact of Simone de Beauvoir's 1949 book The Second Sex on Japanese Women. This lecture series is supported through the Institutional Project Support (IPS) Grant Program.

February 3 - 9: The Whiting (Flint, MI)

Photo courtesy of Ondekoza
World-famous Japanese taiko ensemble Ondekoza will tour in the Midwest region as part of Arts Midwest World Fest. Fusing incredible athleticism, pounding rhythms, and peaceful melodies, Ondekoza's performances inspire and energize audiences. The tour is supported through the Performing Arts Japan (PAJ) program.

February 16, 8PM
Warwick Center for the Performing Arts (Warwick, NY)

© Kenji Mori
Miki Orihara, a principal dancer in the Martha Graham Dance Company, will perform Kyomei - Resonance, which reflects upon the lineage of dance from classical modern to the present. A lecture about her latest project, Resonance III, will be given after the performance. It will cover Japanese modern dance focusing on the works of Seiko Takata and Konami Ishii. Resonance III, which will tour later this year, is supported through the Performing Arts Japan (PAJ) program.

March 2, 7:30 PM
March 3, 5:30 PM
Scandinavia House (New York, NY)

Left: Yumi Saiki (photo by Kazuo Hiroji)
Right: Miyuki Shiraishi
Music From Japan (MFJ) will present the fourth Artist Residency to facilitate dialogue among composers, critics, and music scholars from Japan and the U.S. MFJ will also present two concerts: one curated by musicologist Miyuki Shiraishi and the other featuring the works of Yumi Saiki. Both concerts will be followed by panel discussions and Q&A sessions with composers, critics, and scholars. This event is supported through the JFNY Grant for Arts and Culture.

March 24: Warner Theatre (Washington, DC)
March 29 & 30: PlayStation Theater (New York, NY)

© Naoko Takeuchi・PNP / "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" The Super Live Production Committee
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: The Super Live will have its U.S. premiere in Washington, DC at the Warner Theatre on March 24, followed by three performances in New York City . With themes of love, justice, and friendship, the musical features an all-female cast. 

The  Washington, DC  performance is organized by The Japan Foundation and Nelke Planning, in collaboration with the National Cherry Blossom Festival and the Embassy of Japan. It is presented as part of   the 2019 National Cherry Blossom Festival , which celebrates the enduring friendship between the people of the United States and Japan through four weeks of diverse and creative programming.

Cultural Event
February 7
Connecticut College (New London, CT)

Masako Inkyo, a shodo artist, will deliver a hands-on workshop on traditional brush stroke calligraphy followed by a performance. She will explain the history and significance of calligraphy and provide insights into Japanese values and culture. This event is supported through the JFNY Grant for Japanese Studies.

February 24, 12 PM
Florida International University (Miami, FL)

Florida International University will be hosting a Japanese cultural and educational event under the theme of pre-Olympic celebration. The festival for the first time will feature the shamisen and taiko group Matsuriza. The event is open to the university community and public. This event is supported through CGP's Education Grant program.

January 10 (New York, NY)

What is Japanese New Year's tradition? Do you know the hidden meaning of  osechi ryori ? Participants in the previous Conversation Café enjoyed Japanese traditional activities to celebrate the New Year such as
karuta fukuwarai,  and  omikuji . Many thanks to the native Japanese speakers who dedicated their time. ありがとうございました! Our next Conversation Café will be in April, so stay tuned for more details! 
Japan's Energy Security and Climate Change Conundrum
January 11 (Washington, DC)

On January 11, three members of the "U.S.-Japan Network for the Future" program participated in a panel discussion titled "Japan's Energy Security and Climate Change Conundrum". Dr. Daniel Aldrich (Northeastern University), Dr. Mary McCarthy (Drake University), and Dr. Phillip Lipscy (Stanford University) exchanged views on Japan's energy security and climate change goals as well as the evolution of different perspectives on these issues through the lens of the Japanese government, industry, and civil society. This event was organized by The Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation, hosted by the Embassy of Japan, and supported by CGP.
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