Jesus, I trust in You.
                                                                    MARCH 2017
It's been quite some time since our first newsletter back in July 2015. We thank you for your patience and hope you will be very excited to hear about all that is going on in Kibeho, Rwanda!

ABOUT US:  Founded in 1670 in Poland by Saint Stanislaus Papczyński, today the MIC are a Congregation of well over 500 priests and brothers in 19 countries around the world. In America, the members of our Congregation are perhaps best known for their work promoting the message of Divine Mercy from Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

The Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception (MIC) have had been in Rwanda for 33 years. We have had a mission in Kibeho, Rwanda since 2004. In the 13 years we have been here, we have cultivated a place of prayer, evangelization and education. 

In 2004, we built the Cana Formation Center which boasts an 18 foot tall statue of Jesus the Divine Mercy, a beautiful public chapel and several retreat houses.  This is where we gather at 3:00pm to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet.
We now have a total 40 double rooms including 7 handicap accessible rooms. Each room has a private bathroom complete with a toilet, sink and shower. Here, we host retreats and celebrate daily Mass. We invite you to come stay with us in Kibeho!  

In 2008, we built a grammar school for 750 children and added running water in 2010 with the help of All Day FORE Africa, Inc.  Also, with the help of the Seven Loaves Project and through generous donations from the Green Bay Packers, we built a bakery in 2011!  Through donations from All Day FORE Africa and friends from Poland, the bakery provides bread four times per week to the 780 children at the primary school and 150 children from the Blind Children's School.   The bakery also makes the hosts for Mass. This is an incredible sign of the great charity work we are able to do through your generosity.  
This spring we had a lof of great visitors at the Cana Center.

In January we had we visitors from Poland who spent one week visiting our center.  It was a powerful time of prayer and they received many special graces. We are so grateful for their visit because they have been very helpful for our mission. We thank God for these great missionaries of the Seven Sorrows Rosary.

Next, we had a visit from US – All Day FORE Africa. ADFA is a KIDS FORE KIDS organization that has been working with the Marian Fathers for 7 years.   It was a rich time of mission work as they held the first ADFA Children's Academy Class of photography.  The students worked hard and learned much about the arts.  We are looking forward to breaking ground on the ADFA Children's Academy this spring.  It will be an exciting project for us!   
During their mission trip, the ADFA Mission Team also had the opportunity to rebuild the home of Casian, one of the elders in the village. 
  Fr Jim Callahan with his friend, Casian, whose house was rebuilt by ADFA Mission Team. 
 Finally we welcomed 20 pilgrims from Poland. They enjoyed a wonderful time in Rwanda and especially in Kibeho.  Together we prayed and had special fellowship during this time.
In February we welcomed 60 couples for a 4 day retreat with Sister Immaculee, who is the founder of the New Catholic Movement Family – Hope.  Our center was full of people and activity.  It was a special time to renew the strength in the family.  Fr Ubald, a charismatic priest in Rwanda, gave us teachings on the family.  

Finally in March we welcomed 26 people for a retreat powered by Fr. Andrew , a Jesuit priest in Rwanda. It was the first retreat of Ignatius Exercises at the Cana Center.  We offered this retreat free of charge, which was our gift for Rwandan people.
It is so good that we are all connected in this mission work. The true mission appeal came from Jesus Christ.  He said..." Go and make disciples of all nations."  We can realize this appeal when we make the connection from people of good will.  For this reason, we thank God for everyone who in helping us spread the Good News in Rwanda both financially and spiritually.

Through the power of the merciful Jesus we send the blessing for you and your families.  We offer our Saturday Masses for all of our benefactors and their intentions.

May God bless you,

Fr Leszek, MIC
   "It is vital to sow the seeds of goodness to cultivate justice, foster accord, and sustain integration, without growing weary ... I invite you not to build walls but bridges, to conquer evil with good, offense with forgiveness, to live in peace with everyone." - Pope Francis 
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Muraho ! ( Hello!)

Stacy fell in love with Rwanda when she first visited in 2009. She now resides in Kibeho and is working with the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception to make the messages of Our Lady of Kibeho known and helping to share Jesus Christ with the whole world! |