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Thunder Dog - Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble , your local bookstore or directly from Michael Hingson! 
Thunder Dog - paper back
Books ordered directly from  Michael Hingson will be autographed and "pawtographed".

Audio editions as well as the print edition of the book will be available.

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Roselle Portrait Available


Last year Ron Burns painted Roselle's portrait and began selling prints throughout the world.  His wonderful picture hangs proudly in our home.  It was an honor to be a part of the project to bring Roselle's face to the canvas.


The portrait can be purchased through or you can visit Ron's site directly at


Ron and his assistant Matt helped us create a "Thunder Dog" bookmark which includes a small version of Ron's portrait as well as a picture of the book cover.  


It also contains QR code links to Ron's site as well as to  We put a bookmark in every book we sell on our site.  


If you do not have a bookmark and want your own copy please send a self addressed stamped envelope to Michael Hingson, 530 Alameda del Prado, #117, Novato, CA 94949 and we shall get one right out to you. 



Over the past year I have been asked to speak at a number of colleges and universities.  In addition, "Thunder Dog" has been adopted by some universities as part of their special education teaching curriculum.  


As a result all of us in the company decided to begin finding ways to help inspire and interact with more college students.  


Through Celia Black we signed up for and have now attended our first conference sponsored by NACA, (National Association of Campus Activities).  Of course, the hit of our booth was my guide dog, Africa.  Affie drew in the crowds and then promptly went to sleep.  Check out our Facebook page to see pictures.


Out of our first regional conference we gained three speaking contracts and a considerable amount of interest from other schools.  


Now it is on to the national conference in Nashville Tennessee in February.  


Stay tuned.




I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the speech you delivered to our group.


Each year as we plan our holiday party, we look to strike a balance between a scheduled "program" and time for our employees to simply enjoys themselves and the company of others. 


At the same time, this is the one time each year that we have a majority of employees together so to find a medium to deliver a powerful message is goal that I'm not sure we were able to achieve until this year.  


Your presentation to our group about your story as it relates to surviving the 9-11 terror attacks, focusing on the present, using teamwork, and never giving up provided the perfect message to our group about "getting on the bus" during these times of growth and change and to always be willing to be open to new challenges.   


It was a pleasure to learn more about your time with the Guide Dogs for the Blind and to meet Africa.  I'm certain she will grow into her new role beautifully! 

I'm very appreciative of your flexibility regarding the timing of our event, the time allotted for you to speak, and really learning and knowing about our organization on such short notice.  


Again, you did an amazing job and I look forward to future opportunities to work together.  


If you have other groups that want to speak to me regarding our experience and the energy you brought to the Globe team, feel free to have them contact me.   


Thanks again and the best of the holiday season to you and your family.   


Jeanne Herrmann

Chief Operating Officer

Globe University/Minnesota School of Business

Utah Career College

Minnesota School of Cosmetology

Ph- (651) 332-8012 



"Your suggested strategies for healing resonated with our audience and your presence helped to reaffirm our core principles of community, peace and tolerance. Yours was a timely message in this critical time in our country and our lives."


-Gustav W. Friedrich, chair Committee to Advance Our Common Purposes, Rutgers University



"We had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Hingson and his Guide Dog 'Roselle' to speak at our annual employee banquet. 


He surpassed all our expectations and with his story, we had our largest public gathering ever. The speech was powerful, moving, honest and professional. 


I wish everyone in the world could hear the message of hope, independence and empowerment from Mr. Hingson."


-David C.Austin, Director of Communications, Envision






October and November have been very busy months here at the Michael Hingson Group, Inc.  Let me start with some exciting breaking news.





"Hour Of Power"


I will be appearing on the Hour of Power television broadcast this weekend, December 1 and December 2.  Please tell the world about this.  The broadcast will air on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, (TBN) on Saturday evening, and on the Oxygen Network on Sunday morning.  Check your local listings for the exact time.  I did the interview during services at the Crystal Cathedral on Nov. 18 for airing this weekend.  I appeared at both services.  The one chosen to air is from the 9:30AM service with Rev. Bobby Schuller.  I hope you enjoy it.


I announced during the interview that as a special gift, anyone who visits my web site and registers for our newsletters  will receive a link to access special video files including a speech I presented at the National Federation of the Blind National convention in Dallas in 2010.  These are a gift from me to people who want to keep up with our activities and who, I hope, will help us find bookings.  I also gave everyone who attended the live services a dvd with the same content.  If you would like to see the videos please visit  Michael Hingson's DVD videos.


I am excited to have had the opportunity to participate in the wonderful services at the Crystal Cathedral. It is quite an impressive place with a warm and loving staff.  I am grateful to Don Otis for arranging this opportunity.  (More about Don later.)  Thanks for your support and please pass this along to all your friends, colleagues, and families.



Thunder Dog 


Our first book continues to sell and is gaining popularity in several quarters.  Several libraries are featuring the book is part of their community activities, and have asked me for personal appearances.  


I've already mentioned the interest expressed by colleges, but also high school audiences have read "Thunder Dog" and have asked me to speak.  For schools that do not have significant budgets to pay speakers Skype has proven to be a great way to meet and interact with high schools.  It is most exciting to see that Thunder Dog" is helping to change people's views about what it means to be blind. 


Thunder Dog - paper back

Other Book Projects


Two new book projects are in the works.  The first is a children's version of "Thunder Dog".  Our working title is "Running With Roselle", but it is not at all certain that this will be the final title.  Jeanette Hanscome and I are, unfortunately, behind our original schedule for completing the book.  We have a great focus group of readers who are helping us find tune the book and will release it as soon as we can.  We are really excited about the book and can't wait for you all to see it.


Susy Flory and I have begun a second book project.  It's a little early to give you details, but we are excited about taking on this endeavor.  We are presently writing the proposal and hope to submit it to our agent, Chip MacGregor, for his consideration and representation.

Michael Hingson
Michael Hingson and Roselle
Michael Hingson and Roselle

# # #

Michael Hingson is a national keynote speaker, writer and assistive technology expert. His riveting story of his experience as a blind WTC Survivor opens people's minds and hearts to the importance of teamwork and inclusiveness. Michael teaches how to thrive in the face of challenges through a winning mindset. For more information, and to book Michael for your next company event visit: Michael Hingson's Website.  

Contact Michael at: or (415) 827-4084.  

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Speaking in December


So far, December is shaping up to be a pretty open month on the speaking schedule.  If any of you are having company Christmas parties where you need a speaker or if you know of anyone else who might want someone to come and speak and motivate and inspire their colleagues please let me know.  As a nation, we have just come through a grueling two-year fractious election process.  All the pundits will be spinning and analyzing for months.  I think it is time for a little inspiration and lightening up so that we can get back to remembering what Trust and Teamwork are all about.  Africa and I are ready to help.

New Members of the Team


I always like creating team relationships.  Two people have joined the team who I want to tell you about.


Last year I met Don Otis while appearing on the Stephanie Riggs radio show in Denver Colorado.  Over the past several months Don has been assisting us in arranging for a number of media interviews including my appearance on the Hour Of Power.  Don is good at his job and he is a great person to work with.  Don specializes in working in the spiritual and religious media market.  We all are honored and blessed to know Don and we are delighted that he is helping us.


I also must tell you about Gwen Jones.  Gwen shares a house with my publicist, Celia Black, in Washington state.  Gwen is a mistress of many trades including creating great videos, doing voiceovers, working hard at trade shows, and generally having fun.  Gwen is the person who created my new speaker introductory video.  She is about to spearhead a project to revise and enhance it.  Gwen also is helping to create new marketing outlets for us.  She is a wonderful blessing to all of us and she, along with Celia, keep us all laughing but focused.  You can't do better than that.



While last week we celebrated our annual Thanksgiving holiday giving thanks is something we should do all year round.  No matter how gloomy and challenging any day gets take a few moments each day to think about three positive things you have in your life.  I am certain that everyone can come up with at least three good things about your life each day.  Be thankful for those things and remember how important they really are to you.  The challenges, come up with different things each day.  You will find you have more positive aspects and things to think about than you might imagine.  For me, I am most thankful for my wife Karen who I married 30 years ago this past Tuesday, November 27.  When I am on the road I call her two or three times a day to touch base and just to hear her voice.  Okay, I call Celia and Tony two or three times a day as well, but those calls are different.


You may not know that Karen has her own business, Quilt Elegance.  Karen has been a quilter for many years, not only making quilts of all sizes, but she also creates unique table linens, wall hangings, pillows, and now she is even making Christmas stockings.  If you're looking for Christmas gifts now is the time to visit her website,  I'm sure you will find something that will make a great Christmas gift for friends, family, and colleagues.

Final Comments


I hope to be able to spend some quality time doing some serious writing this December.  Of course, speaking opportunities come first.  However, I hope to write some articles concerning some ongoing and new developments about blindness.  For example, Barnes & Noble has now made its Nook app accessible.  They have not yet made the actual e-reader accessible, but the app is a good start.  Unfortunately, the "leader" in the e-book world, Amazon, still turns a totally blind eye to accessibility and inclusion.  I will be writing more about this later.


For now, enjoy TV free from campaign and political ads.  Let us pray that our leaders rediscover the concept of teamwork and move quickly to avoid what is certainly a serious financial calamity looming for us all.  Have a great December and I'll be back in touch soon.