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Misha May's Wally needs our help please. 


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Wally, a young terrier mix rescued by Misha May about one week ago, pictured above (now sick), and below (when he felt better), most likely has parvo. He has been in the loving care of both Harmony Vet of Arvada and Animal Urgent Care of Arvada since he began feeling bad. We are very grateful for their generous donated and discounted care. Fortunately, his prognosis is good and we expect a full recovery. :)


Even so, Misha May is looking at a medical bill of over $2000 at this time. So far, we have raised $275 from caring folks like Patricia, Kathleen, Fee Ling, Sandy, Kim and Bill.


If each person receiving this email, who is able to, could donate even $10 to Wally's Fund, we would be closer to paying for his care. As you know, Misha May does not give up on our animals and we will see this through. We really need your help. If you would like to donate a different amount, you can go to our website and use the Make A Donation button www.mishamayfoundation.org.




Interestingly, we were supposed to get a different dog from the shelter, but we now realize that Wally pulled some strings to get to us, knowing we would take care of him.


Wally happy to be in foster care.


Please forward to anyone you think might like to help Wally - facebook, friends, twitter, blogs, etc. Thanks!


Huge thanks to his foster Maggie who can't wait to get him back, to Doug & Ann who are providing hands-on loving care, and to all those who have been praying for him.


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