February 13, 2015
It's a new year and with that comes new ideas and forward progress on The Nevada Network of Fire Adapted Communities. Meet your new Advisory Board and read about the efforts taken at their first meeting held in January. While we're at it, we'll also introduce you to Nevada's new State Forester/Fire Warden, share what Natalie has been learning, provide details on a new funding opportunity and more.

Meet Your 2015 Network Advisory Board 


Members of the Advisory Board (from left to right) are Pat Murphy, Sara Anderson, Jessica Santoyo, Vanessa Marquez, Liz Claggett, Paul Carmichael, Michael Brown, Ann Grant, Jess Travel and Network Coordinator Dr. Elwood Miller. (Not pictured - Robert Compan) 

The Nevada Network of Fire Adapted Community's first Advisory Board was established at the October statewide annual conference in Reno. The Nevada Network of Fire Adapted Communities (The Network) is a program conducted, sponsored and supported by the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension's Living With Fire Program. Advisory Board members representing the various points of view important to The Network's success will serve as a bridge between The Network members and Cooperative Extension. The Board will also evaluate the effectiveness of current program efforts, suggest changes or new programs, help identify sources of financial support, and provide strategic advice on the direction, development and maturation of The Network.


The members of the first Network Advisory Board... Read More  

The Network Advisory Board Holds It's First Meeting

The first meeting of The Network's Advisory Board was held on January 29,  2015 at the Bartley Ranch Regional Park facility in Reno. All Board members were present for this meeting and participated in person or via telephone.  Elwood Miller, The Network Coordinator, opened the meeting by thanking everyone for their willingness to serve on the Board and assisting in advancing the mission of The Network.


Ed Smith provided the Board with the history...  Read More 

Cheatgrass can be identified this time of year as a small tuft of dark green leaves often with a reddish or purplish tinge to them.

With the warm winter temperatures and recent rainfall, this season's cheatgrass crop is up and actively growing. Cheatgrass is a non-native annual grass common to Nevada's sagebrush rangelands. It is well known by firefighters as the kindling that gets many of our wildfires started. When dried-out, cheatgrass is easily ignited by discarded cigarettes, hot catalytic convertors on vehicles, sparks from welding and other common human activities. If you have cheatgrass growing near your home, it is important that you remove it. For information about how to identify and control cheatgrass, read "A Homeowners Guide to Cheatgrass" here.
Partner Spotlight: Bob Roper Named as

Nevada's State Forester/Fire Warden


Bob Roper has been named as the new administrator of the Nevada Division of Forestry (NDF) in the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Roper brings to the position extensive leadership experience and proven management capability. He joined the Division on February 2, 2015.


Roper, current chairman of the International Association of Fire Chief's (IAFC) Wildland Fire Policy Committee, was Fire Chief for Ventura County, California for 15 years prior to his retirement in 2012."Bob Roper is a strategic thinker who believes in teamwork, setting and achieving goals and facilitating organizational development that includes preparing a diverse workforce for the future," said Leo Drozdoff, director of the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. "Bob was extremely successful in leading a very large government organization in the successful delivery of services to both urban and rural constituencies and he looks forward to helping NDF build even more on its success to date."


Chief Roper's appointment opens a new chapter in a continuing and enhanced partnership between the Division of Forestry and Nevada's Network of Fire Adapted Communities.

Natalie Learns about Drought and Fire Behavior


Yesterday I picked up my mail and opened the agenda for our upcoming HOA Board meeting. There in bold letters was the central item for discussion and decision - "Deepening Drought to Force Water Conservation and Landscape Maintenance Changes." I guess I knew this was coming but..Read More
Funding Opportunities

May 2nd is National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day and the start of Nevada Wildfire Awareness Month. State Farm Insurance, in partnership with the National Fire Protection Association, is offering sixty-five $500.00 awards to community groups, fire departments or other organizations to help them hold a local wildfire preparedness event.  You must submit your application before the March 5th deadline. Learn more by clicking here

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"We are fortunate to have individuals serving on The Network's Advisory Board with the experience, expertise and dedication needed to foster continued success."     Ed Smith 
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