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As you know, The Pegasus Project is changing lives every day for horses and humans by fulfilling our mission to rescue, rehabilitate, retrain and rehome neglected, abused and abandoned horses throughout Texas. To continue this work, we depend upon the ongoing generosity of our supporters. To assist us in our fundraising goals, Communities Foundation of Texas (CFT) is sponsoring North Texas Giving Day on Thursday, September 14th. Each donation of $25 or more made to The Pegasus Project on September 14th will help us receive extra bonus funds from CFT for our work with the horses.  More than $2 million in bonus funds are available to qualifying nonprofits! 

In addition, every donation made to The Pegasus Project through the North Texas Giving Day website on September 14th helps our chances of winning prizes given throughout the day ranging from $500 to $7500! With more than 75 total prizes being awarded, our chances to maximize your gift are great. 
Members of the Pegasus board of directors and other generous donors will be providing matching funds for gifts made in connection with North Texas Giving Day. With the bonus funds from CFT and these matching funds, your gift of $100 will turn into more than $200!  So, please mark you calendar for September 14th, save your pennies, and plan to donate generously!

By visiting the Pegasus link between 6am and midnight (Central Time) on September 14th and donating $25 or more, you will make a tremendous impact on the work Pegasus can do. With your help, we WILL reach our  $80,000 fundraising goal  on North Texas Giving Day! These funds will go directly to the care, support and training of the thirty-nine rescued equine currently residing at the Pegasus ranch.  
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Thank you, VCA Hospitals!
Seventeen DFW clinics raised money for the Pegasus horses

For the first two quarters of 2017, seventeen VCA Animal Hospitals in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, sponsored a fundraising campaign to benefit the horses of The Pegasus Project. They simply asked their clients to round their invoices up to the next dollar or to make a donation of any size to Pegasus. Through the generosity of their animal-loving clients, these amazing clinics raised a total of $17,432.07 for the Pegasus horses! We are so blessed and grateful for their efforts.

Huge thanks to VCA employees  Lisa Kennedy and Carrie Gaertig for spearheading this campaign.  Lisa was instrumental in encouraging VCA Charities to choose Pegasus because, as an adopter of a Pegasus horse (Ruger), she is very familiar with the work we do. We are fortunate to have the support of such a wonderful organization. Many thanks!

A Mare from the Phoenix Herd Rises

Shelby with her colt, Scout, in the background

In April 2016, The Pegasus Project took in a herd of fifteen abandoned horses and miniature donkeys known as The Phoenix Herd. (You can read all about the rescue of this herd by clicking here: Phoenix Herd).  Shelby is one of the mares from that rescue effort. 

At the time of her rescue, Shelby had a foal (Scout) at her side. A number of mares and jennies, along with a stud donkey and an Appaloosa stallion, had been abandoned two years prior, resulting in the birth of a number of feral offspring. This gorgeous liver chestnut mare was the only horse of the group who was even halter broke. Shelby was defensive and slightly aggressive at first. It was clear that her prior handling had not been positive. 

Chelsea Hopson with Shelby

Bruce Logan initially took the herd to his ranch to get a handle on them. By July 2016, Shelby and Scout were more manageable, and we brought them to the Pegasus ranch and entrusted their development to Pegasus ranch manager, Chelsea Hopson. 

Chelsea began working her magic with Shelby to gain her trust. Once Scout was old enough to wean, Shelby had settled in and was evolving into the quite, sweet mare she was meant to be. After doing ground work and saddle preparation with her for a few months, Chelsea decided to give Shelby a try. She climbed on and discovered a very nice horse beneath her. Shelby let us know that she had been roughly treated in the past and that she did not appreciate it one bit. She also made it clear that she is kind and willing when offered a gentle hand. 

Chelsea has done the majority of Shelby's training

After Chelsea's excellent work with Shelby, we decided to send Shelby to Bruce Logan's ranch to get exposure to cattle work and some challenging trail rides. She has done beautifully with Bruce and will be back at Pegasus soon. Shelby has an application for adoption pending. If all goes as expected, she will be off to her forever home soon. Shelby is living proof that sometimes all a horse needs is kindness, love, and a little time. 

A Note from Allyson
Trailer Tires
This month I'm turning the column over to Mike DeCanio to talk to you about an important topic . . . . trailer tires. Not very sexy, we realize, but important to people who haul horses. Take it away, Mike! 

Let's talk trailers. 
Trailers aren't very exciting unless you have a tire explode on the highway! Not even daredevils are looking for that kind of thrill. Last month Pegasus had 3 incidents that involved 4 blowouts on 2 different trailers! Consequently, we've learned lots about trailer tires. 

Our recent experiences and discussions with trailer and tire professionals have convinced us to only use Light Truck tires on our horse trailers.
Starting with the basics, we are comparing LT tires (Light Truck) and ST (Special Trailer) tires.  While trailer tires cannot be put on an automobile, an appropriately rated LT tire can be mounted on a trailer. The tire will have a higher ply count and a load capacity appropriate for your specific trailer.
1. Tires on trailers almost always need replacing before the tread wears out. Most people just don't put enough miles on a trailer to wear the tread down before the tire begins to break down internally.  Your trailer tires probably have great tread and look like new, but do you know how old they are?  Age is the main cause of trailer tire failure.
If you can't remember the last time you bought trailer tires, you're probably due!  Most LT tires are warrantied for 8 years from date of manufacture while ST tires are only warrantied for 3 years! The date of manufacture is stamped right on your tire. All tires have a unique serial number stamped on the sidewall. For tires manufactured since 2000, the last 2 digits on your tire's serial number is the year of manufacture. For example, a serial number of LMLR5107 would have been manufactured in the 51st week of 2007.
2. ST trailers tires have very few federal regulations while LT tires are all federally evaluated for treadwear, speed rating, traction and temperature tolerance.
3. Trailer tires are only rated for 65 mph!  If you have ST trailer tires and are driving the speed limit on I-20, you are exceeding the limits of your tire. That generates heat and heat leads to blowouts. LT tires speed limits are higher than you'd ever want to pull your trailer.
4. LT tires are more expensive than ST trailer tires. But we think the better warranty, higher quality, and a higher speed limit are worth the price difference. 
Consult your tire professional, and buy the tire that best suits your needs. The important thing is to be aware of the age and limits of the tires that are on your trailer today. 
There are plenty of things to worry about as we haul our precious cargo down the road, let's not allow the condition of our trailer tires to be one of them.

Mike DeCanio
Director, The Pegasus Project

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