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Ready to embrace your inner cowboy? Slip on your jeans and boots, bundle up, and spend the afternoon at the beautiful Pegasus Ranch! The Pegasus Project will swing open the gates for an open house and tack sale on Sunday, December 6th from 1pm until 4pm. Come tour our facility, meet the horses you've been following, and get to know our incredible staff. Our trainer, Dale Kahl, will be riding several of the horses ready for adoption, and you will have the opportunity to meet them. We'll have hayrides, serve refreshments, and have Pegasus logo attire on sale.

Admission is free! 

At this December 6th Open House, we will have a HUGE TACK SALE!!!  Saddles, bridles, halters, pads, blankets and more will all be available. Come on out and support the horses and pick up some great tack (both new and used) for amazing prices! 

Because we are so very busy and operate on a shoestring budget, we are a closed and locked facility. As a result, the opportunities to visit the horses and tour the ranch are limited to our quarterly open houses and our April fundraiser called Wings Over Pegasus. Therefore, we encourage you to take advantage of this rare chance to visit with us at the ranch. It's casual and fun, and it's a great time to meet us behind the scenes!

For directions and a map to the ranch, please click here: 

~Sweet Baby Sloane~
Sloane getting some love from Asheley and Denise Hawk
Sloane is an orphaned foal who came to us on October 15, 2015, at the tender age of three months. Found nursing on her dead mother, Sloane was reported to Mitzi Storey, a friend of Pegasus and a Texas State Trooper. Mitzi convinced the owners to relinquish Sloane, along with another horse we call Anna (featured below). Sloane, her mother, and Anna were all the victims of terrible neglect; neglect so severe that it resulted in the death of Sloane's mother from malnutrition. We saved Sloane and Anna in the nick of time.

Prior to coming to our ranch, Sloane was living in a pen with a number of dogs and eating bread. She was severely malnourished and full of intestinal parasites. Sloane's poor coat was covered in rain rot, and her little legs were crooked from malnutrition and overgrown hooves.

Due to stress, Sloane developed an ulcer, which we successfully treated. Sloane also suffers from an umbilical hernia, which will be repaired later this month. On the day of her arrival, we immediately started Sloane on milk replacement and an iron supplement, dewormed her, and began introducing coastal hay to her diet. We supplemented with milk pellets, and then gradually added in foal feed and alfalfa hay. Sloane needs to be fed four times per day to allow her body to adjust to proper nutrition. Sloane is now thriving, but she has a long road ahead. She still faces hernia repair and the standard rounds of vaccines once she is strong enough. 

Because of her special dietary needs, it costs ~$15/day to feed Sloane. This does not include her medical treatment. As a result, we have started a  campaign to raise $2500 to support Sloane through her first four months with us.

If you would like to give the gift of life this Christmas, please click the link below to help support baby Sloane.

To view all of Sloane's photos, click here: SLOANE

Safe and Sound
Anna upon arrival at the Pegasus ranch

Anna is an 8-year-old Paint mare who came to our attention because of Texas State Trooper, Mitzi Storey. In October of 2015, Mitzi was called about this neglected horse located in Henderson County, Texas. Mitzi went out to investigate and was told by neighbors that this horse was regularly left without food or water and with no pasture to graze. In addition, neighbors reported that they had witnessed one of the owners beating the horse and attempting to ride her, despite her  emaciated condition. It was also reported that another mare on the property had died of malnutrition, leaving behind an orphan foal who was witnessed nursing on the dead mother's body. (This foal turned out to be Sloane. See Sloane's story above.)

After Mitzi and the Henderson County Sheriff's Department made contact with the owners, they agreed to relinquish both Anna and Sloane to The Pegasus Project. We picked them up on October 15, 2015. Anna was thin and wormy, but she has recovered quickly. Anna was the victim of some sort of accident. Half of her right eye lid is missing, she has a scar next to the right side of her mouth, and a scar on her back right foot. None of these healed injuries appear to cause her any real trouble. 

After six weeks in our care, Anna is now at proper body weight. She had a benign tumor growing on her right side just behind her front leg. Dr. Adam Byrd removed this tumor and stitched Anna up. Once healing is complete, we will get Anna started under saddle. 

Anna has proven to be sweet and kind. She's easy to catch and trim, and providing medical care for her is a breeze. She stands at liberty for grooming and fly spray. We anticipate that Anna will come along very well in her training. We shall update her story once we see what type of riding horse she will make.

Bless Mitzi Storey for helping us save Anna and for being an advocate for suffering animals everywhere. We love you, Mitzi!

To view Anna's full photo album, click here: ANNA

If you are interested in adopting Anna, we would love to hear from you. Start by reviewing our adoption process by clicking Adopt, and submit your application today!

A Note from Allyson

Giving the Gift of Life

We have a special project this holiday season. Her name is Sloane. Sloane is a precious orphaned foal. Her story is profiled in the column to the left of this note. Please take a moment to read about this beautiful creature who is now safe and under our loving care. 

Saving Sloane is the kind of work we do day-in and day-out at Pegasus. Sometimes the horses' stories get lost in the chaos. Sometimes we are too busy doing the work to properly share the stories. But it is our job to tell the stories, because the stories are the heart of why The Pegasus Project exists. The stories illustrate why the life of each and every animal matters. The stories are everything.

Sloane - October 15, 2015

As an orphaned foal, Sloane has very special needs. We religiously feed her four times per day. Because of her dietary needs, it costs ~$15/day to feed Sloane. This does not include her medical treatment (foal vaccines and an umbilical hernia repair are in her immediate future). As a result, we have started a campaign to raise $2500 to support Sloane through her first four months with us.

If you would like to help support baby Sloane, please click the following link: 

This holiday season I implore you to share Sloane's story. Consider donating towards her care and ask your friends to donate to support Sloane and the other thirty-two rescued equine currently at the Pegasus ranch. Shop in our online store and buy your friends a Pegasus hoodie, t-shirt, calendar, or a Help a Horse for the Holidays Gift Certificate! There are so many ways to give amazing gifts and help the horses at the same time. There is no greater joy than giving the gift of LIFE!

All of us here at Pegasus are wishing our wonderful staff, donors, and volunteers a very Merry Christmas. We could not do this life-saving work without you!

Allyson DeCanio
President, The Pegasus Project

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