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Sundance on the "Out of the Wild" poster Equus Film Festival

On June 3, 2011, The Pegasus Project conducted a seizure operation in Jacksonville, Texas, consisting of six mares, two stallions, one stud donkey, and three cattle, all running loose together in a filthy, barren junkyard. After a court battle with the owner, Pegasus was awarded all of the animals. It turned out that five of the six mares were pregnant, and those babies were ultimately born healthy at the Pegasus ranch. Sundance (who was four years old at the time) was one of the stallions from that herd and the father of three of those babies, Audrey, Little Bear and Belle. We named Sundance with Robert Redford in mind since this golden boy possesses maximum movie star quality. His personality is playful, self-assured and engaging, and he has a face the camera loves! Sundance was in the best shape of that herd, being a little on the thin side but not emaciated like most of the other horses. We quickly brought him back to full health and converted him to a sweet gelding. 

From the beginning Sundance was friendly and people-oriented. We started him under saddle in January 2012, and he received most of his initial training with Bruce Logan, who we consider to be the most talented colt-starter around. Sundance lived at Bruce's ranch in Loving, Texas for several months, where he rode the range, worked cattle and learned about the great outdoors! Bruce showcased Sundance at the Pegasus Open House event in June 2012, where he proved to be a crowd favorite. Sundance next went to live with Pegasus board member, Lorna Russell, who kept his training moving forward. In early 2013, Sundance came back to the Pegasus Ranch and continued his development with our oh-so-talented head trainer, Don Knapp. 

In February 2013, acclaimed horseman and author, Mark Rashid, spotted Sundance at Pegasus while teaching a clinic. Mark decided to adopt Sundance and include him in his upcoming film, Out of the Wild. (Mark wrote the novel and screenplay upon which the movie is based.) In April 2013, Mark returned to Texas to claim his new horse, and Sundance moved to Estes Park, Colorado to prepare for movie stardom. Mark continued Sundance's training and prepared him for a role in the movie. 

In the fall of 2015, Sundance lived in Las Vegas with Mark during the filming of Out of the Wild. Sundance was utilized in several scenes, even stretching his acting chops by playing a mistreated mare! The movie recently premiered at the Equus Film Festival in New York City, winning the Director's Choice Award. Because of Mark's relationship with and love for this organization, a portion of the proceeds of the film shall be donated to The Pegasus Project. 

Just call me "Hollywood!"

After wrapping the film, Mark Rashid made the difficult decision to donate Sundance back to The Pegasus Project so that he can be adopted out to one very special and lucky adopter. We are contemplating the best future for Sundance. He is a spectacular horse with an excellent temperament and impeccable training. Keep your eye on this beauty as we are sure he has an amazing life ahead!

To follow the latest developments regarding Out of the Wild, check out the Facebook page: Out of the Wild

End of Year Update

Lots has been going on with the Phoenix Herd! For those of you not familiar with their story, click here to read all about these horses, donkeys, and mule before proceeding:  Phoenix Herd link

When we first rescued this herd in April, we envisioned having to place them in foster homes after their initial handling with Bruce Logan. But because of the high number of adoptions this year, room opened up at the ranch, and we have been able to bring all seven remaining horses here. Our ranch manager, Chelsea Hopson, has been assigned the task of continuing to gentle them and prepare them for development under saddle. Pictured here are ten-month-old foals Scout and Jax. These boys are doing great and growing like weeds!

Scout's and Jax's mothers are Shelby and Alex. We weaned these babies a few months ago, and Chelsea has done a great job of gentling the mares. They live in a herd with four other horses and are almost ready to start under saddle. Both have proven to be beautiful, sweet mares who want to get along. 

The final three mares are Summer, Indigo and Sky. All of these girls are very shy, and it has taken months to get a handle on them. Sky and Summer are very curious, while Indigo remains a bit skeptical. They all have a ways to go before we can advance them to saddle training, but we'll allow them all the time they need to feel safe and comfortable. We never rush our horses. We support them and allow them to find their own way. 

And finally, there is Ernest. Ernest is a 2-year-old mule who is quite a handful. Bruce was able to work with him sufficiently to get him castrated, and once that was done, he became more manageable. Bruce really likes him, and expects that he will come along just fine. Bruce will keep Ernest in training through the summer of 2017, and then we shall evaluate where to go from there. 

We are extremely proud of our work in rescuing this herd. While we are saddened by the loss of Phoenix, Willie, and Abbey, we know that we did everything we could for them. It's greatly rewarding to have these eight beautiful animals safe and sound and on the road to happy lives. We could not have pulled off a seizure operation of this size without the support of our loyal donors and organizations like ASPCA and HSUS, both of which provided grant money to assist our efforts. 

As we count our blessings this holiday season, we are grateful for everyone who has taken part and continues to take part in the care of this herd. We look forward to their continued progress in the year to come.

A Note from Allyson
A Look Back at 2016
The Pegasus Project has had an amazing year. When I think back to how this mission began in 2009 and contemplate the number of lives (equine and human) impacted over the past seven years, I can hardly comprehend it. The road has been long and sometimes treacherous, but the journey has been rewarding and completely worth the sacrifices. 

Hundreds of horses who had been at tremendous risk now live safe and happy lives because of Pegasus. In 2016 alone, we took in thirty-one equine and adopted out twenty-seven. This is a near 60% increase in our adoption rate over the prior year. Our budget continues to grow approximately 20% each year, resulting in an expansion of the services we provide and the number of horses we help.  

Because of our hard work and clear dedication to our mission, we have caught the eye of national organizations such as The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and have received significant grant funds to advance our goals. Our long-time supporters have stuck with us, while many more donors come on board each year. We are honored, humbled and astonished by the support. 

The generosity of our donors enables us to have the staff needed to care for and train the 40+ horses on the ranch. Due to the success of North Texas Giving Day we were able to build a 64' x 64' cover over our round pen this year. (Our next big goal is to cover our 100' x 200' riding arena. Stay tuned!) Little by little, piece by piece, we are creating the perfect environment for these most deserving creatures. Pegasus is the slice of "heaven on earth" for which their weary souls have longed. We are the healing bridge that leads to their future lives with loving families.  

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