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End-of-Year Giving

We are regularly asked about ways our donors can contribute to The Pegasus Project for their end-of-year giving. We are always grateful for holiday cash donations to help us enter into the next year financially strong. In addition, here are a couple of unique ideas on how to help the horses of which many people are unaware. 

T he charitable IRA rollover is a permanent provision in the tax code that allows individuals who are 70.5 years of age or older to make charitable gifts from their Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) directly to The Pegasus Project.

If you are 70.5 years of age or older, you can take advantage of a simple way to benefit Pegasus and receive tax benefits in return. You can give up to $100,000 from your IRA directly to qualified charities, such as The Pegasus Project, without having to pay income taxes on the money.  
Why consider this gift? 1) Your gift will be put to use today, allowing you to see the impact your donation is making. 2) You pay no income taxes on the gift. The transfer does not generate taxable income, and it also does not generate a tax deduction. 3) If you have not taken your minimum distribution for the year, your IRA charitable roll over gift can satisfy all or part of that requirement. 

As you consider making a year-end gift to The Pegasus Project, think about making a gift of appreciated securities. Given the recent growth of the stock market, your gift will go farther this year. Not only is your gift of appreciated securities meaningful to the Pegasus horses, it is also one of the most tax-efficient ways to give. 

Here are two major advantages of giving securities: 1) You could avoid capital gains tax. 2) Stock donations are eligible for tax deductions for the full fair market value of the securities (up to 30% of your adjusted gross income). 

As will all gifts made to The Pegasus Project, you can designate your gift of securities to the program that is most meaningful to you (i.e. training, rehab, etc.) or you can support the Pegasus mission and allow the securities to fund the most urgent needs. 

For further questions and instructions on how to make your gift of a charitable IRA rollover or appreciated securities, please contact Allyson DeCanio at 

Ready to embrace your inner cowboy? On Sunday, December 3rd, slip on your jeans and boots and spend your afternoon at the beautiful Pegasus Ranch. Every three months, The Pegasus Project swings open the gates for an Open House. Tour our facility from 1pm to 4pm, meet the horses, and get to know our incredible staff. We'll have a hayride tour at 2pm, serve refreshments, and have Pegasus logo attire on sale. Admission is free!

Our Open House includes a HUGE TACK SALE! Saddles, bridles, halters, pads, blankets and more will be available. Come on out and support the horses and pick up some great tack for amazing prices!

A Rags to Riches Story

Shiloh in 2016

Shiloh came to Pegasus in the spring of 2014. We spotted this young stud colt at the Rusk County Sheriff's holding pen in March 2014 when we were there to see another horse. Shiloh had been found tied to a tree in the woods and left for dead. He was severely malnourished and dehydrated. The sheriff picked him up and held him for the requisite time. It's no surprise that no one claimed him, and so we took him into our program. 

Shiloh - before and after

Pegasus supporter and board member, Anne Ellis, has sponsored Shiloh for the past 3 1/2 years. From the moment Anne saw this ragged little guy at the sheriff's pen, he stole her heart. She committed to monthly donations  to support his care and training until Shiloh could be adopted. 

Once Shiloh was healthy enough, we had him castrated, gave him time to recover, and then we began his training. Shiloh was three years old when we rescued him, but he was very small. We suspect his growth was stunted due to malnutrition. Once he had sufficient size and weight to begin saddle training, we got him started. Shiloh proved to be very smart and willing. He has always been confident and a bit bossy. He's the kind of horse that requires you to be his leader, otherwise, he takes over. So, Shiloh needed an adopter with experience and leadership. 

With Shiloh going well after three years of saddle training, in October 2017, along comes Margo Dewkett. Margo has a lifetime of experience with horses and is the founder of Windridge Therapeutic Equestrian Center in Gilmer, Texas. Now retired, Margo was looking for a personal horse to be her partner for many exciting camping trips across the country. 

Margo came out to meet a number of Pegasus horses, but Shiloh grabbed her heart and didn't let go. This mighty little fellow is the perfect match for Margo. He's a horse who loves having a job, and Margo can provide the leadership needed by this young, strong-willed gelding. We are very excited about this match and look forward to hearing all about their many grand adventures!

Margo & Shiloh

A Note from Allyson
As 2017 comes to a close, I have found myself reflecting on the wonderful year we have had at The Pegasus Project. Our "inn" has remained full the entire year. With a maximum capacity of 48 horses, we are closing out the year with 46 horses on the ranch. We took in 13 horses in 2017 and adopted out 12. We have 2 others currently being sponsored for adoption who should be moving on to their forever homes in early 2018. In addition, we have helped dozens of other horses through 1) direct placement from one home to another, 2) safety net funding for hay, feed and veterinary care, and 3) support of law enforcement in seizures and direct placement of horses. 
Our current staff is the strongest we have had since the inception of Pegasus eight years ago. Ranch manager, Chelsea Hopson, oversees four ranch hands and a number of fantastic volunteers each week. Our newest trainer, Anthony LaSpina, has brought a positive energy and a ton of talent to our mission. Anthony and Chelsea work as a team to develop each horse to its fullest potential. Under the guidance of board advisor, Bruce Logan, each horse is getting superior training and being allowed as much time as necessary to become the best horse it can be. 
We have been blessed with committed donors and more financial support than ever before. Gary and Kathie Heidenreich of San Jose, California created an endowment fund for Pegasus in 2017 to provide longterm stability to our mission. We are now in a position to move forward with confidence in our ability to do even more work to save the many horses in need in our community and beyond. 

Despite this growth, we are not resting on our laurels! Every day, we work harder than ever to increase our donor base, remain innovative with fund raising, and push for more supporters. The need is great, but our determination is greater. We implore each and every one of you to continue your support and spread the word about the Pegasus mission. There is a never-ending supply of horses needing our help. Together, we can continue to change the world one horse at a time. Thank you for helping us give horses wings. 

See you in 2018!

Allyson DeCanio
President, The Pegasus Project

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