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Trailer Loading Clinic

On Saturday, March 3rd, we will be offering a mini-clinic on trailer loading at the Pegasus ranch. Teaching your horse to safely and successfully load and unload from a trailer is both an art and a science. Even experienced horse owners often lack confidence in this skill. Come out and let Pegasus staff members help you overcome any obstacles to your trailering success!

At this clinic, each participant will get one-on-one instruction and hands-on experience with loading a variety of horses. You are welcome to bring your own horse and trailer so that we can help you work through any problems you are having. Each student will also work with a number of Pegasus horses with different levels of experience and different style trailers to expose you to a multitude of trailer-loading challenges. 

Check-in for the clinic is at 8:30am. The clinic will run from 9am to 3pm with an hour break for lunch. We provide lunch for everyone. The cost is $100/person and is limited to just ten students. If you are a $100+/month Pegasus Partner, you may attend for free. Auditors are welcome at a cost of $20/person or $30/person if you want lunch. 

To sign up for this clinic or for questions, please contact Allyson DeCanio at 903-469-3578 or email her at 

Ready to embrace your inner cowboy? On Sunday, March 4th, slip on your jeans and boots and spend your afternoon at the beautiful Pegasus Ranch. Every three months, The Pegasus Project swings open the gates for an Open House. Tour our facility from 1pm to 4pm, meet the horses, and get to know our incredible staff. We'll have a hayride tour at 2pm, serve refreshments, and have Pegasus logo attire on sale. Admission is free!

It's one thing to follow The Pegasus Project from afar, but there is NOTHING quite like seeing this operation in person. The minute you step foot on the ranch, you feel the sense of relief, peace and safety experienced by every horse. We have created a little horse heaven on earth for these most deserving creatures. Come out and see the magic for yourself!

Papa Was A Rolling Stone
Kai in March 2017

In March of 2017, we traveled to the Smith County Sheriff's Department to pick up an abandoned horse. While we were there, we spotted this beautiful little Appaloosa stallion standing quietly in a pen. We learned that he had been running as a stray and had jumped a fence to enter a pasture containing three mares. The sheriff picked up the stallion and held him for the requisite timeframe. When no one claimed him, The Pegasus Project agreed to accept him into our program. We named this handsome guy Kai. "Kai" has many meanings. In Perisan it means "little king," and in Greek it means "fireball." Both meanings suit this mischievous red devil perfectly!

Kai in September 2017

We immediately relieved Kai of his stallion status, and now he is a happy gelding. Once he recovered from castration, we began his training. Kai has excellent ground manners, stands tied, and easily loads in a trailer. He took to our saddle training program beautifully. He proved to be confident and willing. Once he got over being a bit sticky-footed, he began to move out fluidly. Kai is now covering the trails like a champ. Our trainer, Anthony LaSpina, can ride him alone or in a group. He gets along well with other horses and is playful with his herd mates.

This week, we were contacted by the woman who owns the three mares Kai "visited" last March. By coincidence, she is a long-time friend of Pegasus. Before being removed from her property, Kai apparently bred her mare, Winnie. Meet Kaila, born January 28th. We wish this little filly the best, and we are glad she was born to a responsible horse owner. CASTRATE YOUR STALLIONS, PEOPLE! Especially if you are unable to properly contain them. 

Kai (a/k/a Johnny Appleseed) has been under saddle for 10 months now, and he is ready for adoption to the right person. He will need a confident rider who can continue developing this talented six year old. Kai is absolutely one of our favorites here at the ranch. He's a confident trail horse, and he's easy to catch, easy to vet and easy to trim. We expected he will continue to get better and better with each passing day.

If you are interested in adopting Kai, please log onto our website and review our adoption process before submitting your application! 

A view of Kai from the saddle!

A Note from Allyson
Just Do It
For those of you who follow Pegasus on social media, you are already aware of Gia's story. For the rest of you, here you go . . . 

In the late afternoon of January 29th, we received an email from a desperate woman, Jenola Johnson, who was at her wit's end. Her neighbor's eleven horses had been coming and going from her property for months, and she had been feeding them hay since December to prevent them from starving. The horses' owner, a chronic animal neglector, refused to take action. 

Despite calls to the local sheriff's department and the animal welfare organization assigned to her county, no help came. Five days prior to the email to Pegasus, a yearling filly had collapsed in Ms. Johnson's backyard and was unable to rise. With temperatures dipping below freezing each night, Ms. Johnson knew the filly would die if the situation continued. After receiving a photo of the filly, we gathered the Pegasus rescue team, hooked up the trailer and headed out. 

Gia down on 1/27/18

With the filly unable to stand, we rolled her onto a blanket and dragged her to our trailer. We consulted with our veterinarian who gave us instructions for her care. She could not sit up on her own, but with assistance, she could sit up to drink water and eat mash from a bucket. We put her in a warm stall and fed her at four hour intervals throughout the first night.

Gia sitting up, eating alfalfa 1/29/18
The next morning, our vet told us to get her on her feet or she would not survive. It took our entire staff of six to lift her with wide straps under her belly. After standing with her for an hour for stability, we allowed her to stand on her own. That was three days ago, and she has yet to lie down again. We named her Gia, which means God's Gracious Gift.

Gia on her feet 1/30/18.

Currently GIa is standing and walking on her own. We are feeding her a mash four times per day and allowing 24/7 access to quality alfalfa hay. Alfalfa is highly nutritious and the safest way to re-feed a starving horse. Slowly but surely she is regaining her strength. We are working to heal her right eye, which she severely injured from banging it on the ground in her efforts to get up over those five days. 

Gia is the first horse we have ever seized without a warrant or without permission. But exigent circumstances required immediate action, and we decided to just do what needed to be done. We are so grateful to Jenola Johnson for her efforts that save Gia and the other horses of this herd. (The SPCA of Texas picked up the other 10 the day after we rescued Gia).

You can follow Gia's developing story on our Facebook page. We shall also keep you posted of her progress in the upcoming versions of this newsletter. If you'd like to make a donation to Gia's care, click here.

Allyson DeCanio
President, The Pegasus Project

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