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Best Animal Rescue in East Texas

For the past twelve years, County Line Magazine has conducted an annual survey to determine the "best of" the Upper East Side of Texas. This survey seeks to discover the best foods, restaurants, events, hotels, museums, parks, music venues, etc. More than 1500 nominations were received in 2015, and when the dust settled, The Pegasus Project was named the Best Animal Rescue.

We are proud of this distinction because it reflects the relationship we have developed with members our community. There are many fine animal rescues throughout East Texas, and so it is a great honor that the locals selected The Pegasus Project. We will do our best to continue to live up to their expectations! 

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The Perfect Pony
Cheeto on his adoption day
In late July 2014, we were contacted by a woman from Edom, Texas who was moving and had no place for her pony to go. Neither did she have the funds to provide proper care for him. Cheeto turned out to be a sweet 22 year old gelding who had "been there and done that." This fella is so easy! He loads, ties, and trims like a champ. We also picked up a little miniature mule (Aspen) who needed rescuing, and he babysits her like an old pro. Pegasus supporter,  Erica Wright McCrary  came to visit, and since she doesn't weigh 100 pounds soaking wet, we decided she was the one to give Cheeto a try. Bareback and in a rope halter, he rode like a little dream! After we put some weight on this fuzzy fellow, we put him up for adoption knowing that he was going to be the DREAM pony for some lucky family.

In the meantime, Cheeto served his role at Pegasus. He helped raise Aspen, gave pony rides to visitors, and basically ran the operation. We could always count on Cheeto to be the perfect ambassador for our work.

In the fall of 2014, Priscilla Coulter and her family spotted Cheeto on our page and came out to meet him a couple of times. They decided that Cheeto was absolutely the pony for them. They had a lonely gelding who needed a companion and two young girls who needed a pony to love. So, on January 17, 2015, Cheeto loaded up and headed to his new forever home in Nacogdoches, Texas. We are so happy for Priscilla and the entire Coulter family!! Once again, love wins!

To view all of Cheeto's photos, click here: CHEETO

Such a Sensitive Soul
Cochise and Dale
Cochise is a 10 year old Paint gelding who came to us July 17, 2015. Cochise had once belonged to Pegasus ranch hand, Chelsea Hopson, but she sold him to a friend 5 years ago. When Chelsea learned that Cochise was being taken to a sale barn, we decided to go get him. A large percentage of horses sold at sale barns are purchased by kill buyers. Cochise's story proves that when you let go of your horse, he's potentially one owner away from a trip to the slaughterhouse. We wanted to prevent that.

Cochise arrived in good flesh. Aside from his rubbed out mane, fly bites and a few knicks and scrapes, he was good to go. After vaccines, a hoof trim, deworming and a week in quarantine, we turned Cochise in with a herd of five. He's a confident guy with other horses, and so his assimilation was painless.

Cochise's core personality is pretty chilled-out. Unfortunately, we can tell that he has been handled roughly, resulting in him being flinchy, fearful, and overly reactive. Because Cochise's favorite gear is "stand still," we believe that he was motivated improperly. He's a horse that some people would call dull or lazy because they don't understand his true nature. Cochise just needs to know what's in it for him. We are working to help Cochise regain his trust in humans and to realize that his days of being "cowboyed" on are over. He has the kindest eye you've ever seen, and he's longing to be understood. Our number one goal is to allow him to feel safe.

In August, Dale started working with Cochise to build his confidence. Over the past five months, he has come a long way. Dale is walking, trotting and cantering Cochise all around the ranch, and he's make remarkable improvements. However, his fearful streak still emerges at times. Cochise needs a confident, accomplished partner who can help him through his fears and assure him that he is safe.

Fortunately, one of our prior adopters is interested in Cochise. She previously adopted Dane, one of our most sensitive and complicated horses. She is coming to visit Cochise soon, and if the match is right, Cochise will be joining Dane in a forever home. Fingers crossed!!!

To view Cochise's full photo album, click here: COCHISE

If you are interested in adopting Cochise, we would love to hear from you. Start by reviewing our adoption process by clicking Adopt, and submit your application today!

A Note from Allyson

A Year in Review

As we close out 2015 and look ahead to the challenges we shall face in 2016, I want you know what your support allowed us to accomplish this past year. 

We directly rescued and brought sixteen new equine onto the ranch. We took in a variety of horses, foals, and mules. These precious animals came to us in every imaginable way. Some were ransomed from kill pens just prior to being shipped to slaughter. Some were owner relinquished because of hard times. Some were abandoned. Some were strays. Some were seized from neglectful situations. All were deserving of a life free from suffering and fear. 

Many of these horses will be with us for a long time to recover from their emotional wounds and learn to trust humans. Some have already been adopted, while others are ready for adoption. Regardless of their stories, we promise each a path to recovery and a loving home without limitations or timeframes.  

In 2015 we rescued animals in a number of ways. We placed seventeen horses through direct adoptions under Pegasus contracts. Dozens more were placed by networking with other rescue organizations and connecting animals in need with people willing to help. In addition, we paid medical bills and kill pen ransoms for other equine rescues because sometimes people just need help doing their part to save an animal.  Collaboration between rescue groups is often lacking. The Pegasus Project is committed to helping as many horses as possible, regardless of who gets credit or who secures the adoption fee. 

Of utmost importance, we made dreams come true for both horses and humans. To watch a horse transform from a fearful castaway to the center of a child's universe is beyond description. Witnessing the trust and loving bond that forms when a horse recognizes his salvation in the eyes of his adopter is the ultimate reward. To know that without our intervention, all of these animals would have met terrible fates keeps us going. We also know it is what inspires you to support our work, and we are eternally grateful for that support. 

No one can predict what 2016 will bring. But, as long as you stick with us, we will continue to do what we do every day to make life better for as many horses, donkeys, mules, and people as we can. 

Happy New Year! Let's go save some lives!

Allyson DeCanio
President, The Pegasus Project

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