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Winona 3 - Delta
The Winona Herd
~in desperate need of your help~

We are late rolling out this month's e-newsletter because we have been madly working to put together the information for this story. The Pegasus Project has faced great challenges over the years, but this current situation involving a large herd of at-risk Paint Horses is particularly arduous. More than ever, we need the horse community to come together to ADOPT, DONATE & SHARE! Please read below and decide how you can help.

Winona 4 - Fancy

In early December 2018, The Pegasus Project was contacted by a former Paint Horse breeder in Winona, Texas seeking assistance with her horses. She had more than 60 horses from her breeding operation and, due to unfortunate circumstances, is no longer able to feed or provide proper care for them. They are not currently receiving veterinary, dental or farrier care. Without our assistance, the horses will starve. In December, we begun providing hay for the herd and have gathered information regarding each horse to begin finding homes for them. Due to severe injuries and terminal illnesses, we made the heartbreaking decision to euthanize five horses, and we are now on a mission to find loving homes for the rest animals, including three donkeys.

Winona 22 - Sierra

All of the horses are REGISTERED. The vast majority being registered with the American Paint Horse Association (APHA) and a few are registered with the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA). All are from excellent bloodlines. The horses are beautiful but are beginning to deteriorate. The owner tells us that most have been handled since birth and are easy to manage. Pegasus cannot represent any of them as trained to ride. The owner says that some have been ridden but many are broodmares who have not been ridden in years, if at all. 

Winona 17 - Sinnamon

Due to the inadvertent escape of three different stallions during the summer of 2018, all but two of the mares are potentially bred. Foals could start arriving as early as May 2019. We must get these mares into safe homes before that happens. Otherwise, this situation will go from bad to catastrophic. 

Winona 25 - Lexxus and Winona 52 - Skipper

On the Pegasus website, we have created the link:  WINONA HERD . On that link, you'll find a chart assigning each horse a number (Winona 1 - 59) and listing basic information for each. Below the chart, you'll find a link to each horse. When you click a horse's link, you are taken to a photo, the horse's registration papers, and a brief description provided by the owner. If the horse does not have an individual link, that horse is not available for adoption. You may also go to the breeder's website, COYOTE CREEK RANCH , for additional information regarding this herd. That website is not up-to-date, but there are additional pictures of some of the horses there. 

Winona 18 - Peppilena

Of the 59 equine listed on the chart on the WINONA HERD link, the owner is making arrangements for 18 of them. Those horses are marked on the chart as CLAIMED. Pegasus is working desperately to place the other 41. We have reached out to other rescue organizations for assistance because this task is too big for Pegasus to handle alone. We need to have all 41 equine adopted and removed from Coyote Creek Ranch by February 28th. We can only provide care for this herd through that date. Any horse remaining after February 28th will be the responsibility of the owner, who has no resources to provide for them. 

Winona 5 - Ritz

Pegasus has adopted out Winona 12 and Winona 37. In addition, Pegasus will castrate, and take possession of Winona 45, 46, 47, 48, and 51. These are all 12 year old stallions who, once they are geldings, will be placed in our training program. That leaves 34 equine in need of rescue. There a few bonded pairs (Winona 3 & 18, Winona 17 & 52, Winona 22 & 43) and a trio of bonded donkeys. Two of the mares (Winona 27 & 28) are blind and need a safe home together. A gorgeous 12-year-old stallion (Winona 49) is also partially blind. Three of the older mares (Winona 7, 23 and 30) are in need of immediate placement because they are losing weight. 
Winona 13 - Heart

None of the horses are current on vaccines, dental, de-wormer or hoof trims. The adopter will be responsible for obtaining the care needed by the animal. We can provide the registration papers for each horse adopted, and you can transfer ownership into your name. If you adopt a pregnant mare, the foal may be registered. We can provide the information needed to conduct DNA analysis to determine which of the stallions sired the foal. You are virtually guaranteed to end up with a beautiful baby. If you've ever wanted to own a finely bred Paint Horse of Quarter Horse, now's your chance! 

Winona 6 - Blondie

The forms for adoption will be posted on the WINONA HERD link within the next few days. All applicants will be screened to ensure that the horses are going to a proper and loving home with references checked. It is our MISSION to make sure each and every horse is safe. Adoption fees are to be determined but will be modest. Kill buyers need not apply. 

If you cannot adopt, but wish to donate to The Pegasus Project to help cover our vast expenses, we welcome any assistance you can offer. You can donate online by clicking here: DONATE. Or you can mail a check to The Pegasus Project, PO Box 26, Ben Wheeler, TX 75754. Be sure and designate that your gift is for the Winona Herd. This rescue mission has put a strain on Pegasus' budget and we need the help of our loyal supporters to rescue this beautiful, innocent, deserving group of horses. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Please feel free to submit questions to Allyson DeCanio:  

A Note from Allyson
Out With a Bang

We ended up finishing 2018 strong! In early December, I was contacted by a fellow rescuer seeking assistance for a woman in Kaufman, Texas with 18 equine. Her husband had been seriously injured, and they could no longer afford to care for their animals. Pegasus agreed to take in her 3 donkeys (Moe, Charlie & Charlotte) and 2 miniature horses (Honey & Mocha), picking them up on December 17th. 

Honey & Mocha 

We had them vetted and their feet trimmed on the 18th. We delivered the donkeys to their new dream life in Aubrey, Texas on the December 21st. 

Moe thinks adoption rocks!

The minis went to their wonderful new home in Palestine, Texas on the 29th! It was a whirlwind, but it proves that not everything around here is hard. Whew!!  

Honey with her adopter, Calee
In addition to placing these minis and donkeys, Pegasus teamed up with others to do a hay drive to help feed the horses still remaining with the family in Kaufman. The SPCA of Texas picked up four horses, and one of the ladies on our team took another horse, leaving 8 still there in need of homes. There is work yet to be done, but we have accomplished much so far.

We also completed the adoption of our lovely Quarter Horse mare, Dixie, to longtime Pegasus supporter, Lisa Malone. Lisa has waited a long time to find the right horse for her, and we have high hopes that this match will prove to be perfection!

Dixie with her adopter, Lisa
We rang in 2019 with the adoption of our gorgeous mule, Polly, by Pegasus trainer, Anthony LaSpina. Anthony has had his eye on this beauty for over a year, and he finalized her adoption this week. We couldn't be more pleased!

Polly & Anthony

The challenge presented to us by the Winona Herd (see main story) cannot be overstated. We must place these horses as quickly as possible or the problem will become virtually insurmountable with the arrival of an entire crop of foals. All of their lives depend upon it . . . depend upon us . . . depend upon you. Please help if you can. Adopt, donate, or do whatever is within your power to help these horses. 

Allyson Perkins DeCanio
President, The Pegasus Project

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