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JULY 2018

~Burritos for Burros~

On Tuesday, July 3rd, kick off your 4th of July holiday by joining the Pegasus crew at Chipotle on South Broadway in Tyler, Texas. Simply tell the cashier you are there to support The Pegasus Project, and 50% of the proceeds from your purchase will be donated by Chipotle to Pegasus! We will be there from 6pm - 8pm if you'd like to have burrito and a beer with Pegasus staff, but all sales designated for Pegasus between 5pm & 9pm qualify. So come out anytime from 5 til 9 and be sure and tell them it's for The Pegasus Project!

This event will replace our regular Pegasus Partner Happy Hour for the month of July, and so all you Pegasus Partners need to bring it on! Chipotle serves beer and margaritas, and everyone (not just Pegasus Partners) is welcome to join us and let the good times roll!

Update On This Little Miracle
Gia running with Bailey & Ringo
The grand adventures of little Gia continue. When we last updated you on her condition in our May 2018 e-newsletter, she was finishing up another round of EPM medication. Following two rounds, her titers remained elevated, but she continued to be completely symptom free. As a supportive measure, we supplement her diet with Lysine and Vitamin E. We are also administering the DePaolo Neurological Kit, which is working wonders! Her overall physical conditioning and muscle tone are breathtaking. 

Gia meeting Cole

Just when we thought Gia was out of the woods with all of her health problems, at breakfast time on June 7th we discovered her completely lame on the right hind. We hauled her to Dr. Rob Thoni, who diagnosed two fractures to her stifle. She likely ran into something while frolicking. The severity of her lameness was alarming. But after three weeks of stall rest, we returned for follow-up X-rays, and the fractures had healed nicely. Dr. Thoni released Gia to full turn-out with a herd! 

GIa hanging out with Doc

On July 1, we released Bailey and Gia in with a herd of aged geldings, Doc, Cole and Ringo. So far so good! Gia is confident, even a bit bossy, with her new pasture mates. We will leave it up to Doc to teach her manners and set her straight as needed. Despite all she's been through, Gia remains quite sassy. 

In the herd

Gia is definitely a little miracle. Just think . . . she survived starvation, sub-freezing temperatures, physical incapacity and weakness so severe that she could not stand for days, massive pressure sores, devastating injuries to her eyes, EPM, and a fractured stifle. And she's just a yearling. This little filly is truly a warrior princess and is destined for greatness. 

If you have missed out on Gia's story and would like to catch up, click the link below to our catalog of e-newsletters. You can read about her in the February, March, April and May 2018 versions.

To view the Gia's full photo album, click here:   GIA

A Truly Tender Soul

In January of 2017, Ringo was found running as a stray on a golf course in  Athens, Texas. The Henderson County Sheriff's Department picked him up, and a local animal advocate, Laura Rogers, fostered him for the county. No one claimed this beautiful guy, and so when his time was up, the county was going to send him to auction. Wanting to avoid a bad outcome for Ringo, Laura requested that we accept him at Pegasus. We agreed, and he came to the Pegasus ranch on February 11, 2017. 

Ringo arrived with quite a few fear issues. He was slow to trust and seemed to have a history of rough handling. He was still rather thin, and so we continued to increased his weight prior to evaluating his training level. Once he was nice and settled, we tested him under saddle. We feel that Ringo has a history of being ridden, but without much kindness or consideration. We have been working on showing Ringo that he doesn't have to run off when your leg touches him. He has made excellent progress, and we are optimistic that he will be a nice quiet trail horse for the right rider. Ringo needs an adopter with a quiet, calm temperament who is willing to take things slowly. If offered softness, he gives softness back. His tender heart cries out for understanding. 

Ringo loves attention and has evolved into a horse that soaks up human affection. We have gained his trust, but we feel that each person who enters his life will have to earn trust from him. He's truly a lovely guy with a kind spirit, and we want the rest of his life to be filled with nothing but peace and security. Ringo is now being ridden by a variety of Pegasus staff members and is doing great on the trails.  He's a beautiful mover with characteristics consistent with Mustangs and also with Saddlebreds. He stands just over 15 hands tall.  This 20-year-old gelding has the purest soul. If you are quiet enough, you can feel the love flowing from his heart.

To view Ringo's full photo album, click here:   RINGO

If you are interested in applying to adopt Ringo, we would love to hear from you. Start by reviewing our adoption process by clicking Adopt, and submit your application today!

A Note from Allyson
Help A Horse Day
the contest concludes
As you all know, The  Pegasus Project once again competed in the ASPCA's annual Help A Horse contest. This year's event was a two-month-long adoption campaign. The goal was to draw attention to the many wonderful animals available for adoption from Pegasus and to find loving, forever homes for all of them.  

We kicked off our adoption drive on April 28th by hosting our annual aviation event, Wings Over Pegasus, which was a smashing success! We raised more than $50,000 and welcomed more than 650 guests 
to the ranch. 

In May, we hosted an Adoption Showcase and welcomed the public to come meet all of our adoptable horses. And on June 23rd, we opened our gates for a Training Day Expo with Bruce Logan and the Pegasus training staff. That event offered an excellent opportunity for the public to see the work that goes into creating the well-trained horses being developed and offered for adoption at Pegasus. 

We are very pleased with the results of our adoption drive. Our campaign resulted in the adoption of two horses and two donkeys, and we have five more adoptions pending! Over the two-month period, we raised more than $30,000 for the horses, and when combined with Wings Over Pegasus, the total exceeds $80,000! In addition, more than $12,000 of in-kind gifts were donated to Pegasus, including a golf cart and a custom saddle. We also expanded our base of donors and volunteers. Thank you so much to everyone who participated in these events and made our Help A Horse Day campaign a memorable one. 

We are in the process of submitting our grant application with hopes of sharing in the $110,000 in grant prizes being awarded by the ASPCA. The winners will be announced in late August. Fingers crossed!

I am once again sharing with you a video we created as part of our ASPCA submission. We hope it gives you a feel for the heart of what Pegasus truly is. Our goal is to serve as the ultimate matchmaker for horse lovers seeking their equine partners. Please take 3 minutes to learn a bit of our story and gain insight into our fantastic adoption program. Once you meet a Pegasus horse, you'll never think of rescue horses the same! Click the link below and ENJOY!!

The Pegasus Project - Adoption Video
The Pegasus Project - Adoption Video

Allyson DeCanio
President, The Pegasus Project
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