JULY 2019

A tragic goodbye to Mucho

It is with broken hearts that we share the tragic news of Mucho. We had to euthanize this magnificent horse on June 24th. This fabulous strawberry roan Paint is one of the 12-year-old former stallions of the Winona Herd. (If any of you are new to The Pegasus Project, click this link to read all about the history of THE WINONA HERD.) On May 20th, Mucho got into a seemingly insignificant altercation with his brother, Whiskey, and received a kick to his left hind pastern. We immediately took him to Dr. Rob Thoni for X-rays. No fracture was detected, and we thought it was a deep bruise only. 

Over the course of the next two weeks, Mucho would improve and then his lameness would return. We hauled him to Dr. Thoni numerous times for examination and follow-up radiographs. A subsequent set of x-rays finally showed a small fracture, and Dr. Thoni prescribed a therapeutic shoe to stabilize the foot. More than three weeks post injury, massive swelling developed in his lower leg and his lameness became severe. Dr. Thoni did surgery to explore for an abscess and began digital perfusion. When the swelling did not resolve, he did an MRI, which showed infection in the pastern joint and subluxation of the P1 P2 joint. We did everything possible to try and save him, including aggressive joint flushes, but it was not to be. We euthanized him and buried him at the ranch of Sandra & Larry James, where Mucho had spent his best days, running wild and free with his brothers. 

This is one of the toughest losses in the history of Pegasus. Words are not sufficient to express our collective grief. Mucho was much loved by the entire Pegasus team and the Jameses. We have cried an ocean of tears, and our sadness will not subside anytime soon. Mucho was an exceptional horse in every way. He was beautiful, kind, well-mannered and had an amazing temperament. We had such high hopes for his future. At this point, we have no choice but to move forward, pouring all of our love for Mucho into the remaining four Winona boys. 

Whiskey and Cool have spent the last six weeks at the Pegasus ranch. They have been chilling out and learning all about grooming, fly spray and daily handling. Poco and Playboy have been at Bruce Logan's ranch for the past three months to advance their saddle training. At the end of June, Bruce brought Poco and Playboy home for his Pegasus clinic and for their training to continue here. Anthony and Bruce worked with all four horses throughout the clinic. Anthony introduced Whiskey and Cool to the saddle and is beginning to prepare them to accept a rider. Anthony spent time with Poco and Playboy to continue to soften them up and develop more willingness and responsiveness to cues under saddle.

Poco being ponied from a seasoned horse

Whenever a horse is started under saddle later in life, you generally encounter more resistance. These boys spent the first twelve years of their lives basically doing nothing. Not much was ever asked of them. Now a lot is being asked of them, and they are having to adjust to life with humans. 

Anthony and Poco

Fortunately, all of these lovely boys have kind temperaments. They like people and love getting attention. We will take it slowly with their training and allow them to accept these changes at their own pace. 

Bruce and Playboy

Each one of these horses has a unique personality. Poco is a total lover, and he has pretty much taken everything in stride. He's the least reactive and the least fearful. The main issue with him is unlocking his feet and getting him to move forward. On the other hand, Playboy is having a little difficulty learning to follow a feel, particularly off the bit. He is more impatient and requires shorter sessions without too much pressure. Playboy is very engaging and we expect he will sort it all out soon enough. 

Cool learning to carry the saddle

Whiskey saddled for the first time

Cool and Whiskey have just started to carry a saddle. Whiskey, who has the most gentle and sensitive spirit, is the most skeptical when learning new things. This lovely horse now trusts us, and he enjoys being doted on and groomed. He is  accepting  everything  we show him a little  more each day. Surprisingly, Whiskey had very little concern when introduced to the  saddle. We expect he will come along just fine.

Cool, who typically is unaffected by new things, is much more reactive to the saddling process. Anthony will start by working to correct Cool's inclination to bolt when fearful. We will take the time it takes for each of these horses to develop on their own time schedule. All four are currently at the Pegasus ranch, and Anthony will continue with their education. Stay tuned!!

A Note from Allyson

dreams do come true

Ever since 2009, when Mike and I began building the Pegasus ranch, we have dreamed of constructing a cover over the riding arena. Doing so has always been cost-prohibitive. Now, thanks to the amazing generosity of two of Pegasus' biggest supporters, that dream is coming true! 

100' x 200' covered arena

Anne and George Ellis are making a $250,000 donation to The Pegasus Project, with all funds being specifically dedicated to the building of that long-awaited cover. We can hardly contain our excitement and gratitude! This cover will change life as we know it on the ranch. No more days of getting rained out. No more having to stop riding before noon in the summer because of the unbearable heat. No more cancelled farrier and veterinarian visits due to inclement weather. This cover will allow the Pegasus staff to operate much more efficiently on a daily basis.

The arena cover will also allow us to host more horsemanship clinics throughout the year because we will have the proper facilities without fear of weather cancellations. It will also save us thousands of dollars each April when we host Wings Over Pegasus, because the cover will include a 40' overhang that will replace the majority of our tents for that event. Tents are one of our largest expenses that we can now kiss goodbye!

This gift from the Ellises will allow us to construct the 100' x 200' steel arena cover with 40' overhang, complete with required concrete, Priefert stalls, and necessary dirt work. We will need to raise additional funds for the electrical work required to add lights and fans to the arena and stalls. Keep your eye out for our TURN THE LIGHTS ON campaign, which we shall unveil shortly. We will be counting on the rest of you to help us raise the funds necessary to light it up!

Red Dot Buildings of Athens, Texas will be constructing this project. We anticipate completion of the structure by late September or early October 2019. We cannot begin to express our gratitude to Anne and George for making this long-term dream come true. They are  heroes to the horses, and we love them for it. 

Allyson DeCanio
President, The Pegasus Project

For questions or comments, email: allyson@mypegasusproject.org

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