The Pegasus Project Newsletter
JUNE 2017

Featuring The Pegasus Project
To our delight, A Home for Every Horse selected The Pegasus Project to profile in a series of three videos promoting the work we do.  A Home for Every Horse is a program that supports nonprofit horse rescues across the country. It was created in 2011 by a partnership between the Equine Network, the nation's leading publisher of equine-related content, and The American Horse Council's Unwanted Horse Coalition. 

In early March, A Home for Every Horse sent down a producer and film crew to spend a couple of days at the Pegasus ranch to interview our team and film our daily activities. They did an amazing job of capturing the spirit of Pegasus and eliciting information to tell our story. If you've never had the pleasure of being a guest at the ranch, these videos provide a peak into our little world. The first of these videos, an overview of The Pegasus Project, was released on June 1st. Click here to view that wonderful video: PEGASUS OVERVIEW VIDEO. 

Over the next few weeks, A Home for Every Horse will publish two additional videos, one showing how Pegasus helps break the cycle of unwanted horses and another profiling Newt, a Pegasus adoption success story. We look forward to sharing those with you in our upcoming e-newsletters.

We are so grateful to A Home for Every Horse for the many things they do. In addition to promoting rescues like Pegasus, this organization helps connect rescue horses in need of homes with people looking for horses. A Home for Every Horse works with more than 600 rescue groups across the United States, allowing them to list their horses for free on, the world's largest horse marketplace. Listed horses can be seen by 300,000 visitors each month, thereby increasing the public's awareness of rescue horses in need of loving homes. You can view A Home for Every Horse's website by clicking here: AHFEH Website.

Stay tuned for two more amazing videos to come!

~Meet Chelsea Hopson~
Pegasus Ranch Manager
Chelsea with Cheyenne on Cheyenne's adoption day
Pegasus is fortunate to have an excellent staff here at the ranch. We are blessed with amazing board members, volunteers, ranch hands and trainers. While every role is important, the ranch manager position is key to our daily operations and overall success. We count ourselves lucky to have that position filled by Chelsea Hopson.

Chelsea came to The Pegasus Project in June 2014, starting as a part-time ranch hand. We quickly realized that we had discovered a young lady with the potential to become a real horsewoman. Having grown up with horses, Chelsea had a natural way with them. She was confident and handled our herd kindly and proficiently. Without any real formal training, Chelsea had developed her skills through trial and error and by just living on the back of a horse. 

Chelsea riding Shelby, a mare she is currently training

What we saw in Chelsea was someone anxious to learn and grow. She was our little diamond in the rough, ready to be polished! In addition to performing her chores, Chelsea began to shadow Pegasus trainer, Don Knapp. She was a sponge absorbing everything Don had to offer. She had the good sense to realize that Don's vast experience was available to her for free. She simply needed to dedicate the time to gain the education Don had to offer. Smart girl indeed!

Chelsea and Sundance

As Chelsea's skills blossomed, we began to expand her hours and her responsibilities. She began to ride with Don and assume some of the training duties. We also provided her the opportunity to ride with clinicians Bruce Logan, Mark Rashid, Crissi McDonald and Mike Corcoran, all of whom were impressed with Chelsea's skills and willingness to learn. We began to entrust her with young horses and foals. She proved to be excellent at teaching young and inexperienced horses ground skills and manners. We even taught Chelsea farrier skills so she could trim new horses and prepare them for our regular farrier. 

Allyson became convinced that Chelsea was the real deal and was around to stay. By the summer of 2015, Chelsea began living at the ranch, and the DeCanios built Chelsea a cabin of her own. In February 2016, the board of directors decided to promote Chelsea to the position of ranch manager to reward her hard work and dedication to Pegasus. Chelsea now fully resides at the ranch with her two Paint horses and three Great Danes. 

Chelsea has proven to be everything we had hoped for. Today she oversees a staff of four ranch hands and numerous volunteers. She is Allyson's right hand man and "mini-me," making Allyson's life much easier on a daily basis. In addition to her general ranch duties, Chelsea is currently responsible for a string of thirteen horses in various stages of training. We know she is up to the task. 

Next time you are at Pegasus, please be sure to seek out Chelsea and thank her for what she is doing for this mission. She's a real gem.

A Note from Allyson

Amazon Smile

People are always asking us how they can help support the Pegasus mission. As you all know by now, The Pegasus Project is completely funded through private donations. We have loyal donors of all levels, and we are grateful for every single one of them. 

One giving program we love to share with our donors is Amazon Smile. If you are an Amazon shopper, you can designate The Pegasus Project as your charity of choice and Amazon will donate a portion of its profits to Pegasus with every purchase you make! It costs you NOTHING. 

Here is how you sign up: Log onto When selecting your charity of choice, type in The Pegasus Project Inc. There are several charities with the word "Pegasus" in their title, and so be sure you choose The Pegasus Project Inc in Ben Wheeler, Texas.
That's all you have to do! From that point forward, shop through rather than, and Pegasus will get an automatic donation from Amazon!

As of May 2017, Amazon has donated more than $54 million to thousands of nonprofits through the Amazon Smile program, with Pegasus receiving more than $1200 to date. Please consider setting up your account because every penny counts!

Allyson DeCanio
President, The Pegasus Project

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