JUNE 2018

Bruce Logan
~Training Day Expo~

On Saturday, June 23, 2018, The Pegasus Project welcomes you to come to the ranch for a behind-the-scenes look at what goes in to developing a Pegasus horse for adoption. Horseman, Bruce Logan, who serves as an advisor to the Pegasus board of directors, is a longtime mentor and friend to Pegasus. Having trained many of the Pegasus horses and currently serving as an instructor to the Pegasus training staff, Bruce offers impeccable knowledge and skill with horses. 
Bruce is an exceptional horseman with a lifetime of experiences starting colts in the United States and abroad and developing performance horses in Cutting and Working Cow Horse disciplines. He credits his success in putting the horse first and adjusting to fit each horse's individual needs. This philosophy is crucial when training rescue horses, since each brings a unique history, often an unknown one.

At the Training Day Expo, you will observe Bruce and our training staff work with a variety of Pegasus horses at various stages of development. Everything from colt starting to softening and polishing a well-trained horse will be demonstrated. You will be allowed to interact with and ask questions of Bruce throughout the day. So, even if you aren't looking to adopt a horse, this is a priceless opportunity to get a peek at horse training at its finest!

ADMISSION IS FREE! Bring a lawn chair, an ice chest, and all of your barn friends. Tents for shade will be provided. We get started at 8am, take an hour break for lunch, and finish up at 5pm. You may come and go as you please.

**Please note that Bruce Logan will be teaching a horsemanship clinic at the Pegasus ranch from June 21 - 24. The 23rd is dedicated to Pegasus horses only and to this Training Day Expo. But if you are interested in riding with Bruce in this clinic, you may book a lesson or lessons for the 21st, 22nd, or 24th. For details and to register, please click HERE.

~Burritos for Burros~
July 3rd

On Tuesday, July 3rd, kick off your 4th of July holiday by joining the Pegasus crew at Chipotle on South Broadway in Tyler, Texas. Simply tell the cashier you are there to support Pegasus, and 50% of the proceeds from your purchase will be donated by Chipotle to The Pegasus Project! We will be there from 6pm - 8pm if you'd like to have a burrito and a beer with Pegasus staff, but all sales designated for Pegasus between 5pm & 9pm qualify.

This event will replace our regular Pegasus Partner Happy Hour for the month of July, and so all you Pegasus Partners need to bring it on! Chipotle serves beer and margaritas, and everyone (not just Pegasus Partners) is welcome to come on out and let the good times roll! 

Miracles Still Happen

Promise at the Pegasus ranch - 5/28/18

 On February 24, 2018, we were contacted by a horse rescuer out of Connecticut about a horse at the Elkhart auction in Texas. The mare had been returned to the auction having been purchased in December 2017 by people who did not improve her situation. Pegasus did not have quarantine available at the time but agreed to accept the mare if another organization could quarantine her. Spirit Run Rescue quarantined her for 30 days, and on March 29, 2018, we brought her to the Pegasus ranch. (Spirit Run had been calling her Annie, but since Pegasus has had an Annie and an Anna, we went back to the mare's original name of Promise.)

Promise at the Elkhart Auction - 2/24/18

This poor girl had been represented to be 10 years old and rideable. The first vet to examine her determined that she was more like 20 years old with a body score of 1. (A horse's body condition is scaled from 1-9 with 1 being the totally emaciated and 9 being obese. An ideal body score is 5.) Upon her arrival at Pegasus, we put her on a re-feeding program and began working on getting her gut healthy. She had severe and chronic diarrhea when she arrived. Over time, with proper nutrition and medication, her digestive problems began to clear up and she began gaining weight. Once her wormy and malnourished coat shed off, Promise turned out to be a gorgeous liver chestnut color.

It is too early to say whether Promise is actually rideable. She is still too thin to begin her training assessment. While she has a sweet temperament, she has poor manners, having never been properly handled. In addition, she's clearly never been taught to stand for a farrier or load in a trailer. Once she is more healthy, we will begin working on her ground manners and determine what her future holds. In the interim, she is happy and getting brighter every day. Promise should be close to full weight within the next couple of months, and we will know much more about her by then. Stay tuned!!

Please click HERE to view Promise's full photo album.

A Note from Allyson

#Help A Horse
Our Final Push

As you all know, The Pegasus Project is once again competing in the ASPCA's annual Help A Horse contest. This year's event is a two-month-long adoption campaign. The goal is to draw attention to the many wonderful animals available for adoption from Pegasus and to find loving, forever homes for all of them.  

We kicked off our adoption drive on April 28th by hosting our annual aviation event, Wings Over Pegasus, which was a smashing success! We raised more than $50,000 and welcomed more than 650 guests 
to the ranch. 

In May, we hosted an Adoption Showcase and welcomed the public to come meet all of our adoptable horses. And, as set forth in the lead story here, we will next open our gates for a Training Day Expo with Bruce Logan and the Pegasus training staff. It's an excellent opportunity to see the work that goes into creating the well-trained horses being developed and offered for adoption at Pegasus. If you are considering adopting, please come see us THIS MONTH! We have reserved the entire month of June to serve the needs of our potential adopters. 

Finally, I am sharing with you a video we created as part of our ASPCA submission. We hope it gives you a feel for the heart of what Pegasus truly is. Our goal is to serve as the ultimate matchmaker for horse lovers seeking their equine partners. Please take 3 minutes to learn a bit of our story and gain insight into our fantastic adoption program. Once you meet a Pegasus horse, you'll never think of rescue horses the same! Click the link below and ENJOY!!

The Pegasus Project - The Ultimate Matchmaker
The Ultimate Matchmakers

Allyson DeCanio
President, The Pegasus Project

For questions or comments, email: allyson@mypegasusproject.org

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