The Pegasus Project Newsletter
MARCH 2019

Bruce Logan
March 21-24
The Pegasus Project Ranch

The Pegasus Project is fortunate to be affiliated with some very fine horsemen. We are particularly fortunate that these horsemen are willing to come share their knowledge with the people of East Texas. Bruce Logan, 2016 AQHA VRH Open Ranch Cutting World Champion, will be teaching a horsemanship clinic at the Pegasus Ranch on March 21, 22, 23 and 24. We currently have rider positions available, and auditors are welcome. Details regarding costs and how to book can be found here: BRUCE LOGAN CLINIC

Bruce, who operates a seven thousand acre working cattle ranch in Loving, Texas, is a gifted colt starter and all around horseman. He is known throughout the U.S. and abroad for his ability to help challenging horses trained in all disciplines. His horsemanship philosophy is based on a foundation that helps the horse stay confident and supple. Bruce believes in putting the horse's mind, body and spirit first to accomplish the goals set for the horse and rider. Because of our longtime relationship with Bruce and because our horsemanship philosophies align, Bruce serves as an advisor to The Pegasus Project board of directors. Click here to read about Bruce's role in this regard: BOARD ADVISOR

From March 21 through March 24, Bruce will be at the Pegasus Ranch working with a variety of horses and students, including Pegasus trainer, Anthony LaSpina. Bruce and Anthony will work with a large number of Pegasus horses to advance each to the next level of training.  And you don't want to miss two of the former stallions of the Winona Herd, Poco and Whiskey, getting their initial start at this clinic! Come watch Bruce and Anthony get these gorgeous guys off to a good start on their journey to becoming saddle horses. Working with unstarted, 12-year-old, newly castrated geldings promises to offer an education for us all. 

We look forward to seeing many of you at this clinic. If you are interested in riding with Bruce, please contact Allyson as soon as possible so we can get you on the schedule. If you'd just like to audit, please notify Allyson so that we know you are coming. Click here for details: REGISTER

~Mark Your Calendars~
April 20, 2019
Our biggest fundraiser of the year is just around the corner! Wings Over Pegasus is our annual airplane extravaganza held at the Pegasus ranch. Each year our guests enjoy all things equine and aviation, as well as an art station, games, paint-a-horse, a raffle drawing for two round-trip tickets on Southwest Airlines, photo opportunities with horses, airplanes & "Pegasito" the winged-donkey, and a breathtaking airshow by the "Raptor." This year we will also do an Easter egg hunt for the kids! The day will be a casual, carnival atmosphere that is tons of fun for the entire family. 

Come hungry because we will have cotton candy, popcorn, sweets and delicious offerings from a variety of food trucks. You do not want to miss this event! Click this link to read all about the details: Wings Over Pegasus

Click here to purchase raffle tickets: SWA Raffle

 All proceeds benefit the horses of The Pegasus Project. 

~Update on Former Winona Herd Stallions~

Whiskey & Poco meeting over the fence

Last month we explained our plan for the fabulous former stallions of the Winona Herd. Over the past 30 days, we began the implementation of this plan, and so far it has gone amazingly well! All five of these gorgeous horses are turned out together on Sandra and Larry James' ranch and they are getting along beautifully. Of course there was lots of squealing and posturing at first, but for the most part, they have survived each other unscathed.      

Band of Brothers

We started with Mucho and Cool, and then we added Playboy to the mix. Once they were all settled, we introduced Whiskey and Poco. All five are adjusting to their new lives as geldings, enjoying swimming in the pond and grooming one another. Our hearts burst with joy when we see them getting to be horses running free and socializing rather than living in their own individual pens.

Meet & greet for five happy geldings

With Bruce Logan coming to the Pegasus ranch for his March 21-24 clinic, we will pull Whiskey and Poco and bring them to Pegasus for Bruce and Pegasus trainer, Anthony LaSpina, to begin their preparation for saddle training. Anthony worked with all five of these horses during the period when they transitioned from stallions to geldings, and all showed a willingness to learn. We are excited to get them started under saddle, and everyone is welcome to come audit the clinic and watch Bruce's process for starting older horses. The fact that they are 12-years-old and former stallions will likely make their starts a bit more challenging. 

All the boys at sunset

In our newsletter last month, we were seeking sponsors to help support the training expenses for each of these horses. Our goal was to raise $15,000 by July 31st. Allyson also initiated a birthday fundraiser on Facebook, wishing to raise $4000 to contribute toward their training expenses. Thanks to the generosity of our donors and friends, to date we have raised a combined total of $15,250!! You guys are amazing!!

We would like to acknowledge all of the oh-so-generous donors to our training fund drive. THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!

Lee Merrick Foundation         Ute Mack                   Lorna Russell
David & Deborah Dobbs        Jennifer Kenner         Mitzi Storey
Jeannie Courtwright               Kari Valles                 Debbie Tunnell
Cheryl Mutschler                    Caren Carr                Jim Rodman
Erica McCrary                        Anthony LaSpina       Melissa Hadley
June Perkins                          Camille Hoffman        Lisa Malone
Deborah Race                        Sara Gardner            Liz Petty
Allyson & Mike DeCanio        Carol McCracken      Julie Pohlenz
Tamara Robinson                   Kelly Joost                Kathy Gameros
Stephanie Suddarth               Lori Scott                  Christa Slejko
Belinda Hare                          Wendy Thomson       Lisa Bradley
Casey Sommerfeldt               Anne Ellis                  Jill Perkins
Shara Gose                           Michael Tansley         Karen Stilwell
Melanie Misenheimer            Marsha Fehl               Sharon Bowden
Lisa Vaughan Carter             Lori Wilson                  Debra Abbuhl
Marchelle Taylor                   Jessica Underwood     Jacob Dunn
Crissi McDonald                   Marci Mangham           Donice Jones
Emily Flanagan                    Whitney Perkins           Kirk Pierce
Jenola Johnson                    Janneke Enting            Joni Wilson
Vicki Shipley                         Julie Ned                     Anna Redford
Christine Robinson              Phillippa O'Donohoe    Justine Rumney

If you have questions on how to become a sponsor, please contact us at

A Note from Allyson
 These Four Winona Horses  Still Need Homes!
Last month I wrote in this column that four horses of the Winona Herd still need adopters. The same remains true today. I am republishing my plea to help find them the forever homes they so deserve. 

Sinnamon & Skipper

When we published the Winona Herd link on January 8, 2019, the sky opened up, and love and kindness rained down. High quality adopters requesting these lovely horses flooded my inbox. I could barely keep up with all the requests. We were updating the link daily to keep track of the rapid adoptions. In just one month's time, we had the stallions safely in our care and all horses and donkeys adopted, with the exception of just four, Sinnamon, Skipper, Lilly and Stormy.  

In their foster home

Skipper & Sinnamon (Winona Nos. 52 & 17), are now happily living in a foster home with the fantastic Hansen family who welcomed this lovely bonded pair into their herd. But this foster situation is temporary, and we need to find permanent adopters for the two horses. They must be adopted together. They are never apart and find great comfort in each other. Both are shy and tender and in need of a loving, kind hand. They fear that you will harm them, but once they realize that you will not, they are easy to manage. They are low in the herd pecking order and avoid conflict at all cost. 

Skipper has damage to his larynx from an injury 18 years ago that causes him to have labored breath. Dr. Rob Thoni did a successful surgery recently to help open his airway. While Skipper still sounds a bit wheezy when stressed, it does not affect his health. He and Sinnamon are both in good flesh and otherwise healthy. 
Stormy & Lilly

The final two mares are Stormy and Lilly (Winona Nos. 14 & 11). They are more confident with people than Skipper and Sinnamon but likely fairly low in the herd order when more horses are around. Both are stunningly beautiful, healthy and easy to manage. Lilly can be a bit tricky to catch in a large area, but once haltered, she is very agreeable. These mares are friends, and it would be nice if they were adopted together, but it is not a requirement. 
Stormy and Lilly are currently at the Pegasus ranch. 

All four of these lovely horses have been vaccinated, Coggins drawn, de-wormed and feet trimmed. All will need their teeth floated once they are adopted. None are pregnant. None are rideable. They range in age from 17 to 21 years old. They are all sweet and need to have a forever home soon with a person who just wants to love them.


To read more about each horse, click the link below and then click the link for each individual horse: 

Please read the link fully and follow the instructions for submitting your application. Once you have read everything, feel free to contact me with any additional questions. 
Allyson DeCanio
President, The Pegasus Project

March 21, 22, 23 & 24 - Bruce Logan Horsemanship Clinic

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