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Friday, July 3, 2020

The Physician Alliance wishes a happy and safe Independence Day holiday to our members and families!
Michigan's coronavirus website reflects new testing sites/options
With over 69,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases and almost 6,000 deaths in Michigan, the state healthcare community continues to push back against the coronavirus pandemic. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) recently expanded testing criteria for COVID-19 to provide access to residents who do not have symptoms but are at risk. The new criteria includes:

  • asymptomatic patients who are preparing for surgery (if testing is deemed necessary by the treating health professional)
  • asymptomatic people who have known exposure to someone with COVID-19 or symptoms
  • people working in a profession that puts them at high risk of exposure due to close contact with the public, such as dental technicians or to COVID-19 outbreaks in certain industries like at food processing facilities.

The new testing criteria also emphasizes the need to expand options for people without symptoms who live in communities where there has been inequitable access to testing, as well as the need to increase the rate of people tested per day in these areas. For example, this includes areas with higher proportions of racial/ethnic minorities or rural communities.

Michigan is providing no-cost test sites . Click here to search for a no-cost test site. The following filters are available to help with the search:

  • Sites that do not require insurance and do not charge individuals
  • Sites that do ask for insurance, but cover any copays not covered by insurance
2.Tests uninsured individuals
  • Sites that test individuals who do not have insurance
3.Tests people without symptoms (asymptomatic)
  • Sites that test individuals even if they don’t have symptoms of COVID-19
4.No doctor’s order needed
  • Sites that do not require an individual to bring a doctor’s order to the site, test can be ordered on-site

For more information on Michigan testing sites and labs, click here .
Training dates announced for online resource directory
NowPow, a secure, HIPAA-compliant, vetted database, helps address patients' social determinants of health needs. The electronic database allows practices to share community resources based upon a patient's zip code location. Food, shelter, transportation, mental health support and other resources can be provided to patients through printed copies, email or text messages.

NowPow continues to expand their resource directory to help practices find local assistance for patients. The online directory is mobile-friendly to be accessed from a variety of devices and also has been updated to reflect COVID-19's impact on organizations (hours, changes in resource availability, expansion of services, etc.).

TPA practices are eligible to access NowPow at no cost, however, interested p ractices need to complete a survey .

Training webinars highlight the many resources and functionality of NowPow.

NowPow Training Webinars – Finding and Sharing Resources

Tuesday, July 7, 1pm EST -    Link to register  
Thursday, July 16, 4pm EST -   Link to register
Tuesday, August 4, 1pm EST -   Link to register
Wednesday, August 5, 12pm EST –  Link to register (**PIC specific)
Thursday, August 20, 4pm EST -   Link to register

TPA members may direct questions to Sharon Kraydich at sharon.kraydich@thephysicianalliance.org .
Navigating HIPAA and compliance during COVID-19
If you missed the recent HIPAA, Compliance and COVID-19: Walking the Line of Enforcement and Discretion webinar , the video recording is now available on The Physician Alliance's website .

The webinar focuses on:
  • HIPAA changes and enforcement with COVID-19
  • HIPAA after COVID-19
  • Compliance in light of COVID-19
  • Compliance after COVID-19

Special thanks to our speaker, Lori-Ann Rickard from Rickard & Associates, for sharing her expertise. Rickard & Associates is in TPA's Affiliate Partners program - learn more about their services.

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