Thursday | March 18, 2021
A Note from the Directors…
Hello friends. Today we’re introducing a new and more predictable format for our monthly newsletter. Because things are speeding up here and changes are coming more quickly, we want to streamline our delivery system to keep you up-to-date on exhibit production, building renovations, and fundraising activities as we bring the museum to life. We also want to highlight some new content areas that interface with our growing social media efforts. Take special note of the new Fox Rabbit series (“The Mysteries of Fox Rabbit”). The Handkerchief: Part I is the first installment of many Fox Rabbit stories to come. And the more you know about Fox Rabbit and his world, the better. Your experience at The Rabbit hOle depends on it! Trust us.

Until next time…
Pete + Deb
Looking back at 2020, we received more than $56,000 through our End-of-Year appeal. This, together with our Good Things Come campaign earlier in the fall, put us close to $250,000 in total operating support over the last six months. Because of this we’ve been able to continue growing our team of makers in anticipation of a 2022 public opening. Thanks to all of our friends and supporters for your generous spirit and shared vision. Let’s keep things rolling in the new year! You can donate any time via our website. Click the link below to explore multiple ways of giving.
The Fire Cat, written and illustrated by Esther Averill, is the story of Pickles, an ornery but hard-working cat who finds adventure, friends, and Big Things to do at a local firehouse. Our designers and fabricators are hard at work bringing Pickles' firehouse to life. It’s one of our first  environmental installations in the museum proper, and a harbinger of many more to come!
This spring, we are E X P A N D I N G the  RAB FAB. Formerly tenant occupied, this newly renovated space will triple the size of our existing fabrication facility from 7,000 to 22,000 sq. ft. As we continue growing our team and head into the pre-opening homestretch, we need all the room we can get to reach full production levels. Our new space includes an open office area, additional material storage areas, a new soft goods shop, expanded foam sculpting zones, an industrial spray booth, and additional wood and metal working areas. Plenty of room for creative collaboration and increased exhibit production!
construction begins
industrial spray booth assembly
eventual office and design space - open air!
We'll be back next month with more updates and developments.
Book Pairing - The Fire Cat with Jenny's Cat Club, by Deb and Bubbs

My name is Bubbs. One of my people read me the book The Fire Cat. Pickles is a pretty cool cat, but I was entranced by the lovely black cat with the beautiful red scarf. I had to find out more about her.

The next night I used cat magic to get my person to read Jenny and the Cat Club. There she was wearing that beautiful red scarf. I had to have a scarf like hers! So I got one! Don’t I look amazing?

Our online donation station is up and running! Support The Rabbit hOle by purchasing a donation gift set, T-shirt, tote bag, or onesie for the little one in your life.
Watch This!
Early on, to demonstrate the sort of immersive experiences we're creating in The Rabbit hOle, our team of designers and fabricators built the bus from the award-winning book Last Stop on Market Street. Many of you are familiar with the bus already, but here’s a new film we made featuring the book’s creators, Matt de la Peña and Christian Robinson. It was a blast taking them on a virtual ride and we can’t wait to show them in person when The Rabbit hOle opens!
The Mysteries of Fox Rabbit
The Handkerchief: Part I
"The little cottontail was cornered, cowering behind two floppy ears against the dirt wall under Grandma Bunny’s stove..."
Social Circle
This week, Travis and friends attempted to find a four leaf clover....were they successful? Follow us on social for more adventures and stories!