Wednesday | April 21, 2021
Spring has sprung! The Rabbit hOle is buzzing with activity, with new and beautiful things appearing everyday - a garden of creativity. If you have a foundation or a family trust that aligns with our mission to create an unparalleled experience around literature that will elevate the reading lives of young people for generations to come, and you would like to make a site visit, we’d love to share our vision with you! 

To schedule a visit, contact our office manager at
Caps for Sale, written and illustrated by Esphyr Slobodkina, is a beloved and undisputed classic about a peddler who gets into some monkey business.....this environmental and interactive exhibit is a playful homage to Slobodkina's legacy as a fine artist (she was a founding member of the American Abstract Artists group), author, feminist, and pioneer in incorporating developmental learning into narrative. Our metal and foam fabricators are hard at work bringing the tree to fruition, and soon will turn their attention to the Peddler himself and his monkey companions.
Our  RAB FAB expansion is sailing along. Since March, we’ve completed the installation of our new spray booth, built walls and tables for the new wood shop, and have begun construction of our new foam carving area. Our new HVAC unit has been installed (along with two “Big Ass” fans!) and we are in the midst of completing our electrical runs for additional convenience power and several new machines. Come June, we’ll be ready for the next phase of hiring! See below...
what a transformation!
walls going up
newly delineated shop spaces
Job Postings
The Rabbit hOle is preparing for another growth spurt in 2021. If you're interested in working with our team, please drop by our job posting page to see what's up.

Our revamped website is up and running! Head to to check out our new look and exciting new content
Book Pairing - Everybody Needs a Rock, written by Byrd Baylor and illustrated by Peter Parnall. Pairing by Mary Clara, Rabbit hOle Office Manager

Reading Everybody Needs a Rock for the first time was like finding a long lost friend. I love to spend time outside (especially hunting for rocks) and this book is the perfect companion for an outdoor excursion. It reminds me of the quiet importance and specialness of our environments, and that we can each personally connect to our natural world. 

Give this book a read then find a special place to collect your very own rock. Happy hunting!

-Mary Clara

Bonus pairing: check out Geological Field Sketches and Illustrations by Matthew Genge and try your hand at illustrating your findings
Cups for Sale
Everybody needs a rocks glass
Drink up and look down into the The Rabbit hOle. your glass half full or half empty? Who cares! You deserve this. Check out our new gift set, which includes two custom logo etched glasses, two official logo tees, and that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from giving to the Rabbit hOle! Hmmm, maybe that's just the whiskey....
Not thirsty? Spread the cheer instead! Give the gift of Rabbit hOle swag and endless cocktail potential to your favorite Rabbit hOle fan(s). 
Watch This!
a jazz appreciation month special:
One of our future Immersive Exhibits will bring to life three beloved jazz-inspired picture books from author Chris Raschka, including Mysterious TheloniousCharlie Parker played be-bop, and John Coltrane’s Giant Steps. This radically immersive adventure of rhythm, color and sound will explore the lives and music of Parker, Monk, and Coltrane. 

We have Chris Raschka here (sort of) to whet your jazz palate. And, he brought puppets! Tune in below...
RH tip: make your own puppets with your little ones and bust out some tunes to celebrate jazz appreciation month!
The Mysteries of Fox Rabbit
The Handkerchief: Part II
"The bunny let out a high pitched squeal, but as promised, the pain was gone as quickly as it came..."
Social Circle
This week marks ONE YEAR of Travis Tuesday! To celebrate, we looked back at our top ten "dispatches" from Travis and his friends.

Check it out and revisit your favorites:
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