Tuesday | August 17, 2021
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The Funny Thing, written and illustrated by Wanda Gág, is a beautiful example of a fine artist using their visual language to illustrate children's tales. Gág built a career as a printmaker, illustrator, feminist essayist, and fine artist, eventually publishing her first and best known work, Millions of Cats, in 1928 (which has never been out of print!). Her graphic and striking illustrations coupled with a whimsical tale of heroism-through-deceit in The Funny Thing create a dynamic, tense, and layered reading experience. Our designers and fabricators are nearing completion of The Funny Thing, and it will be worth the wait!
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A funny thing about our building...

Upon arriving at work one morning, our Sculpture Team Leader, Scribe, was pleased to discover something interesting, something unexpected, something strange, something... funny.
He stepped from his Kia Soul thinking about all the wondrous characters (millions of cats, in fact) he was to paint that day. He heard a scuffle and looked to his left. Squinting in the summer sun, he spied a small furry shape emerging from inside the wall! What could it be? He moved closer and retrained his eye. It was a bunny! A family of bunnies was jumping in and out of the siding of the building. Scribe paused, thought to himself, "Wow, this really is a Rabbit hOle", and continued about his day.
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Book Pairing - Planting a Rainbow, written and illustrated by Lois Ehlert, paired with a Family Zinnia Patch.

Pairing by our Soft Goods aficionado, Johanna.
I’m an enthusiastic, novice gardener. Most winters and springs I have notebooks full of plans and doodles of my perennial and vegetable garden and I work hard in the spring and summer to bring my floral visions to life. In the midst of my grand plans I coax my kids outside to help me turn the soil and sprinkle some Zinnia seeds onto the sunny spot in our yard that we call the Rainbow Patch. Inevitably I have success and failures throughout my garden, but every year the Zinnias take center stage and our Rainbow Patch is the part of the garden that impresses the most.  My children take great pride in the attention their rainbow garden receives from our guests. Be they human, butterfly or hummingbirds, everyone loves our zinnias the best.  “Planting a Rainbow” by Lois Ehlert is a staple book in our house and is a simple, colorful depiction of several types of flowers and their journey from seed or bulb to blooming flowers.  In a month or so our Zinnias will fade and we will collect the dead flowers and let them dry out over the winter so that we can plant our Rainbow Patch again next year.

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There are many bags, but there's only one Rabbit hOle!
Here at The Rabbit hOle we think everyone needs a bag. Sure, we all want our hats back, but in our deepest nature we long for a canvas bag to tote our funny things around town.

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Watch This!
Bobo, the good little man of the mountain, made a dramatic entrance here at The Rabbit hOle. Who knew he'd been hiding here all along?!
To tell the truth, we're a little afraid of what he might do next...better feed him a jumjill, quick!
Social Circle
As part of our exhibit for The Funny Thing by Wanda Gág, we wanted to give a nod to her most well-known work, Millions of Cats. These kitties will be along the ridge of Bobo’s mountain, and resemble some of the beloved, feline family members of Rabbit hOle staff. Follow us on social media for more surprises and insider information!
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