Thursday | May 20, 2021
This month we want to acknowledge our municipal partners in North Kansas City, specifically the mayor and the city council, and their incredible administrative staff. While much of our development work revolves around traditional fundraising, our success in advancing The Rabbit hOle is in many ways attributable to the vision and the generosity of the City of North Kansas City. Their investments in the project have been vital, providing assets to The Rabbit hOle that we could not have achieved on our own. These include a crucial parking solution for the museum, major infrastructure improvements along Knox Street that will allow us to bring visitors into the building safely and comfortably, and thoughtful consideration for projected bicycle and pedestrian activity along the 14th Avenue corridor.

Maybe most important of all is North Kansas City’s role in partnering with us to secure $2 million in Missouri state tax credits in 2018. The tax-credits-for-contributions program is administered by the Missouri Development Finance Board and enables donors who make capital contributions of $2,500 or more an opportunity to recoup 50% of their donation in the form of tax credits that can be applied toward a Missouri state tax obligation or sold for cash at 0.92 on the dollar. We have $800,000 in tax credits remaining so visit our tax credit information webpage to learn more about how you can take advantage of this rare giving opportunity.

Thank you North Kansas City for helping us create an institution and an experience that will have a lasting impact on the reading lives of children across the metropolitan area and beyond!
I Want My Hat Back, written and illustrated by Jon Klassen, is a beautiful and streamlined work of modern storytelling. The ambiguous ending and inferential activation of the reader make I Want My Hat Back a delightful and active reading experience. One of The Rabbit hOle's more contemporary exhibits, these characters will appear around the Explor-a-Storium for visitors to seek, find, and discover. Did the bear eat the bunny? You'll have to make up your own mind.
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If you've travelled across the Kit Bond/Paseo/I-29/I-35 bridge recently, you may have noticed a few silhouettes gracing the second floor windows of our building. These friendly fixtures are just the first of our eventual guard of 12 glowing bunnies hopping along our parapet. Next time you're crossing the river, see if you can spot them!
some have gargoyles, we have bunnies
during the day they quietly guard the mysteries within The Rabbit hOle... night they come alive
Job Postings
The Rabbit hOle is humming with creative energy as our fabricators bring stories to life. If you're interested in working with our team, please drop by our job posting page to see what's up.

Watch This!
So....did the bear eat the bunny? I Want My Hat Back's ambiguous ending left our young friends at an interpretive impasse. Watch as they investigate and discover the "true" ending...
RH tip: I Want My Hat Back is a great book to read aloud and is equally entertaining for adults and children. It's an engaging story that allows kids to practice inference and form their own opinions about a book's ending.
Book Pairing - Extra Yarn, written by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Jon Klassen. Pairing by Jordan, The Rabbit hOle's Creative Director
Molly (a young Rabbit hOle fan from Vancouver, Canada) created this exhibit design for the book Extra Yarn for our 2020 Exhibit Resign Challenge. We loved her use of natural elements! 
Extra Yarn, by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Jon Klassen is a beautiful modern fable about a young girl named Annabelle and a magical eternal box of yarn. This book is an excellent pairing for I Want My Hat Back, written and illustrated by Jon Klassen— especially if your daughters find themselves locked in an epic disagreement regarding the fate of the rabbit.

Klassen slyly uses one of the illustrations in this subtle and big-hearted story to reveal the answer to I Want My Hat Back’s dark mystery. If you find yourself dissatisfied with the revelation, don’t worry, conspiracy theories abound.

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The Mysteries of Fox Rabbit
The Handkerchief: Part III

“Speaking of embroidery,” she whispered, “you’ll be needing a new pair soon.”
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