January 2022 | Issue
News from The Rapides Foundation
Healthy Lifestyle Program provides personalized counseling for better health
Are you ready to make a lifestyle change? Do you want to learn healthy habits that last a lifetime? The Rapides Foundation’s Healthy Lifestyle Program offers free one-on-one nutrition and physical activity counseling from a registered dietitian and exercise specialist.

The counseling includes personalized meal planning and an exercise program that fits the individual’s needs. By the end of the six-month program, clients come away with realistic behavior changes for staying active and eating healthy.
The Healthy Lifestyle Program has helped residents lose weight, control diabetes and blood pressure, and improve their overall physical health. To be a part of the program, you have to be a Central Louisiana resident and be referred by your doctor. Not sure how to get a doctor’s referral? Ready to make the commitment? Call 318-767-3019 or click the link to see how to enroll. 
CMAP offers free, reduced-cost medications to eligible residents
The Rapides Foundation’s Cenla Medication Access Program wants to make sure residents are able to afford potentially life-saving medications. Through its partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, CMAP provides free or reduced-cost prescriptions for eligible patients who enroll in the CMAP program or who visit Rapides Regional Medical Center’s HP Long Outpatient Clinic.
To be eligible for the free CMAP service, clients must be over 18, reside in Louisiana and not have Medicaid or prescription coverage through private insurance. The resident’s household income must be at or below 300% of the Federal Poverty Level. CMAP also covers Medicare patients who do not have prescription coverage or need prescriptions not covered under their current plans.
Ready to apply? Not sure if you are eligible? CMAP tries to make it as easy as possible to apply. Visit CMAPrx.org or call 318-443-7494 or 1-888-443-7494. 
Cancer Screening Project encourages breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screens
The Rapides Foundation recognizes the importance of early detection for breast, cervical and colorectal cancers. Our Cancer Screening Project offers free screenings for Central Louisiana residents who do not have health insurance.

In partnership with the Feist-Weiller Cancer Center’s Partners in Wellness Program at LSU Health Shreveport and CMAP, the Foundation supports a mobile cancer screening van that travels throughout Central Louisiana parishes to offer free screens to uninsured and Medicaid patients. People with appointments can get digital mammograms and cervical cancer screenings inside the mobile unit, which travels to communities twice a month. In addition, residents can pick up take-home colorectal cancer screening tests.

Central Louisiana residents can get screened at any location, so they are encouraged to call for an appointment now to get scheduled. For income and insurance qualifications, to request an appointment or to see a schedule of mobile unit stops in 2022, call 318-767-3027 or toll-free at 1-855-767-3027, or click the button in the left column.
CMAP offers smoking cessation counseling
Are you ready to kick the habit in 2022? CMAP, through a partnership with the Smoking Cessation Trust, offers free personalized smoking cessation counseling.
This program offers direct cessation services to Louisiana residents who started smoking before September 1, 1988. If you are ready to quit and fall into this category, follow the link below to sign up. If you register as a Central Louisiana resident, a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist will be in contact with you and help you start your tobacco-free journey. Click HERE to sign up now.
Qualified applicants will attend group-counseling sessions to learn strategies to quit tobacco for good. In addition, the specialist will help clients obtain cessation medications, either through their doctors or through the Trust. Learn more about this unique program by clicking the button in the left column.
Try our healthy video playlists for exercises, recipes, nutrition tips and more
The Rapides Foundation wants to make it easy for you to stay healthy. Our YouTube Channel offers dozens of videos to help you achieve your goals.
Our videos include healthy recipe demonstrations, exercises you can do at home, tips on getting the most out of walking and ideas for healthy snacking and lunches for working parents. Bookmark the playlist now!