The Springs at Borrego

Rare Pair of Eurasian Wigeons at The Springs RV and Golf Resort 
Photo Courtesy of Bob Theriault

February 2019
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In This Issue:
Upcoming Events and Activities
RV of the Month
Borrego Cup Canada vs. USA Golf Tournament is the Spectacle of the Season
Birders Delight: Eurasian Wigeons at The Springs
RoadRunner Golf Clubs Host Charity Benefit for Senior Center
LPGA Pro Brandy Casey is back at The Springs at Borrego

It's February, and the peak of high season in the Anza-Borrego Desert. At this time many parts of the country are experiencing horrific cold weather and snow, but here in the Anza-Borrego Desert it's great weather for short pants, hiking, golf and pool time! 

This month's newsletter features rare bird visitors, another of our series of star parties with astronomer Dennis Mammana, open mic night, a charity benefit pancake breakfast, and the biggest event of the year, the Borrego Cup Canada vs. USA Golf Tournament. 

Call  today to reserve your place in California's Secret Desertâ„¢. Our reservation team is waiting to hear from you  at 760-767-0004 from 8 AM to 5 PM daily. Or, you can book online at our online booking engine  here

Early wildflowers have begun appearing in Anza-Borrego
Photo by Bettina Sonderegger
 Upcoming Events and Activities

Tuesdays, February 5, 12, 19, and 26, 5 PM.
Campfire Night at the Waterfall Ramada
You bring a chair, your favorite beverage, and a smile. 
We'll bring the hot dogs and s'mores.

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 10:30 AM
Water Aerobics with Nesya.
$5 for RV Guests. 

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 AM.
Hatha Yoga with Neysa.
$5 for RV guests

Wednesdays and Fridays at 10:30.
Pilates with Nesya 
Meet at the Torres Room.  $5 for RV Guests

Sunday February 3 at 3 PM.  Super Bowl Appetizer Potluck at the Torres Room.
Come bring an appy to share and root for  your favorite team, unless it's the Patriots...(just kidding!)

Saturday February 9,  8-10 AM. 
Benefit Pancake Breakfast. 
Pancakes, eggs, sausage, coffee and juice, $6 minimum donation.   Proceeds will benefit worthy local charities.

Sunday, February 10 at 6:30 PM. 
Star Party with Astronomer Dennis Mammana. 
This month's topic;   "Where Stars are Born - and Die".
From colossal glowing clouds where new stars and planetary system are being born, to the shattered remains of once-mighty suns-all appear overhead on desert winter nights. Join us to peer deep the winter sky and learn where stars are born... and die.  Call or visit the RV desk to sign up for the Star Party - $25 per person includes a light dinner and telescope viewing (weather permitting).

Tuesday, February 12 at the RoadRunner Club. 
31st Annual Charity Benefit for the Borrego Springs Senior Center by RoadRunner Women's and Men's Golf Clubs. 
See related article this issue.

Wednesday, February 13 at 5 PM. 
Open Mic Night at The Springs. 
Got a song to share? Bring it! Or just come and listen. We'll have a pot of hearty homemade soup on the stove, and The Springs Wine and Beer Bar will be open.

Saturday February 16, 9 AM to 2 PM :  Benefit Car Wash for the Borrego Springs Dream Club at The Springs Dry Camp Wash Pad.  There's no car wash in Borrego. Bummer.
But for one day in February the Dream Club will wash all comers, donations accepted. Please come out and support this group of hard-working young people who contribute so much to our community.

Thursday, February 21 through Saturday, February 23.
10th Annual Borrego Cup
Canada vs. USA Golf Tournament
See related article this issue.

Wednesday, February 27 at 5 PM. 
Wine Tasting and Social Hour 
Snacks and wine tasting, no charge to RV Guests.
Sponsored by Classic Wines of California.

RV of the Month

This 1946 Chevrolet truck carries a beautifully hand-crafted motor home. Drive into the campground in this cherry and watch those heads turn!

We hope to see you soon  in sunny and starry Borrego Springs! 

Dan Wright  
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Quick Links 

10th Annual Borrego Cup Canada vs. USA Golf Tournament February 21-23

The annual spectacle of the Borrego Cup Canada vs. USA Golf Tournament kicks off on Thursday Feb 21 and culminates in a huge awards gala and dance party on Saturday evening Feb. 23. LPGA Pro Brandy Casey will be our showrunner for the three day event, and the enthusiasm is already building.

Uncle Sam and Betsy Ross at The Borrego Cup
Rita and Dick Johnson in their 
Borrego Cup Regalia

Thursday afternoon the festivities will begin with a parade through the RV Park and a pairings party in the Amphitheater. Participants will be dressed in their most patriotic garb. Friday and Saturday mornings, the fierce international competition is on!

In the 9 previously held tournaments, there have been 5 Team USA victories, 3 draws and, in 2016, a breakthrough Team Canada victory.

Borrego Cup Golf Carts

On Saturday evening we'll gather at The RoadRunner Clubhouse for another epic party. Brandy will announce the awards and in dramatic fashion as always, reveal the winning team. Dinner will be catered barbeque by Kendall's Cafe

Last but not least we will cap off the celebration with a dance party with Borrego's favorite dance band, Izon Eden starring Patty Holley and Dayton Borders.
Izon Eden Rocks The Borrego Cup Awards Banquet
Dayton Borders and Patty Holley are Izon Eden

If you want to be a part of the fun this year, contact or visit the Golf Desk at the Pro Shop to sign up.

   Very Rare Eurasian Wigeons Ply the             Waters at The Springs Golf Lakes
 Eurasian Wigeon photo taken
 in November 2017 at The Springs. 
By Hal Cohen

A rare pair of exotic travelers has been spending the winter in Borrego Springs, sighted primarily at The Springs and The RoadRunner Club lakes. They are a breeding pair of Eurasian Wigeons, common in Northern Europe but a very uncommon sight in this area.

Birders from all over the area have traveled here to see them, for some the only chance they'll get to add the species to their life list.

Eurasian Wigeons ( Mareca Penelope) are a close cousin of the more commonly sighted American Wigeon ( Mareca Americana). The females of the two species are similar in appearance. The two species have also been known to interbreed, creating hybridized offspring.

Wigeons are part of about eight genera and 50-60 species of what are known as dabbling ducks. "Dabbling" refers to a feeding habit where the duck inverts itself at the surface extending its head and neck downward into the water to feed and pointing its hindquarters toward the sky. 

Dabbling ducks include the common Mallard, routinely seen at The Springs and the RoadRunner, as well as in lakes and ponds across North America and Eurasia.

American Wigeons at The Springs
by Sharon Wood

RoadRunner Golf Clubs Hold 31st Annual Benefit Golf Tournament February 12

For the 31st year in a row, The RoadRunner Women's and Men's Golf Clubs will hold a Benefit Golf Tournament and Evening Gala on Tuesday February 12. This year's beneficiary is the Borrego Springs Senior Center, a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation.

The Senior Center provides a safe and friendly place for the seniors of Borrego Springs to gather, dine together, exercise, watch films and pursue crafts and hobbies together. 

Another function of the Center, just as important as the activities listed above, is the senior nutrition program wherein meals are delivered to frail and/or homebound seniors throughout the Borrego Valley.

In 2018, more than 5000 freshly prepared and nutritionally balanced meals were delivered to these home-bound folks without regard to their financial status. In many, if not most cases, those delivered meals were the only decent nutrition that person had access to that day.

The fundraiser begins with morning golf on the 18-hole par-3 RoadRunner Course. The entry fee is $25. Call Bruce Kelley (612 866-7876) or Diane McCalvy (612 802-1133) to sign up.

The evening gala begins at the Clubhouse at 5:30 and will feature delicious home-cooked appetizers,  raffle and silent auction prizes, and an awards ceremony. Bring your own beverages and some cash, and let's support this amazing effort by these wonderful community-minded golf clubs.

This year's event brings a special cameo appearance by musical group Willy Blizzard, starring Andrea Law and John Hough, A.K.A. "the coolest band from Canada".

Willy Blizzard starring
Andrea Law and John Hough


LPGA Golf Pro Brandy Casey Presents The Springs at Borrego Golf Academy, Individual and  Group Lessons

Brandy Casey, LPGA Class A Teaching Professional

 Call, text or email Brandy for more information or to sign up.

Brandy Casey 406-270-8987