The Springs at Borrego

Agave Bloom at The Springs RV Resort

Photo by stalwart staffer Patty Martinez.

This agave was planted when the resort was developed in 2005. This is its one and only bloom, with the mother plant sending all its energy into its final act of procreation. 

May 2019
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Upcoming Events and Activities
RV of the Month
Memorial Day Activities at The Springs

It's May, and our busy season is beginning to wind down in Borrego Springs and the Anza-Borrego Desert. But wait, summer is not here yet! 

Warm afternoons in May are great for lolling around the pool, or golfing an uncrowded course. Evenings are balmy, perfect for cooking out and stargazing.

This month's newsletter features the Eta Aquariid meteor shower, a free concert with Country music singer song-writer Trevor McSpadden and his band, and another of our series of star parties with astronomer Dennis Mammana.

Call  today to reserve your place in California's Secret Desertâ„¢. Our reservation team is waiting to hear from you  at 760-767-0004 from 8 AM to 5 PM daily. Or, you can book online at our online booking engine  here

Country Music Star Alice Wallace and her band rocked The Springs RV Resort on
 April 7. Approximately 300 music 
lovers were in attendance.

 Upcoming Events and Activities

Pre-dawn morning hours of the weekend of May 4, 5 & 6.
The Eta Aquariid Meteor Shower. 
The dark sky of the New Moon will provide excellent viewing for those willing to get up early before the sun rises. The shower is expected to peak in the early morning hours of Sunday the 5th.

The Eta Aquariid meteors are the detritus left behind by Halley's Comet, which last passed by here in 1986, and is expected to return in 2061.

The Eta Aquariid Meteor Shower photographed by Colin Legg of Australia. He wrote, "Composite of approximately 50 images containing 26 meteors, meteor train, 17% moon, 
zodiacal light and Pilbara Desert."
(A meteor train is a trail of vaporized matter that can remain visible for minutes.)

Photo Credit:

Saturday, May 4 at 1:30 PM. 
Kentucky Derby Day at The RoadRunner Club. 
Mix yourself up a batch of Mint Juleps and slosh it on over to the RoadRunner Clubhouse for the big race. Snacks included. $5 paid at least 24 hours in advance, call 760-767-5374 for details.

Friday May 24 at 5 PM.
Free Happy Hour at The Springs Rec Center.
Complimentary snacks and beverages, and good company to boot! Come meet some of your fellow RV campers and have a cold beverage on us!

Saturday, May 25 at 7 PM.
Free Concert with Country Music Singer- Singwriter Trevor McSpadden and his very tight band.
See related article this issue.

Sunday, May 26 at 6:30 PM
Star Party with Astronomer Dennis Mammana. 
This month's topic;   "Einstein's Eclipse".
See related article this issue.

Call or visit the RV desk to sign up for the Star Party - $25 per person includes a light dinner, star talk and screen show, and telescope viewing (weather permitting).

Photo by John Peterson

Friday through Sunday, July 5-7
49th Annual Anza-Borrego Desert 
Big Horn Sheep Count. 
Here's a chance to join one of the most important citizen science projects in our area. Volunteers fan out to pre-selected location to count the iconic sheep that are the favorite symbols of Anza-Borrego. If you would like to volunteer, drop a line to ab.sheepcount@parks,

RV of the Month

The 1937 Hayes Model 230 Cruiser Travel Trailer was built in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It features steel construction in the frame, roof and body. This refurbished model sports new wood interior paneling, copper countertops, and new stove, water heater and refrigerator.
This rig sold in March 2019 for $10,500. 

See more photos  at:

Thanks and a tip o'the hat to Camp Host Ken Cater
Memorial Day Weekend
Activities at The Springs

Memorial Day Weekend at The Springs RV and Golf Resort is shaping up to be, well...memorable!

Always a busy weekend, as campers flock to the desert for the last holiday weekend before summertime, this year we have loaded up the schedule with entertaining events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. 

On Friday, join us at 5 PM for Happy Hour at the Recreation Center near the pool area. We'll have complimentary beverages and snacks. We'll meet some other campers and relax together to start the long weekend.

On Saturday evening we'll have a live concert by the Trevor McSpadden Band, country music sensation from Texas. Come hear Trevor cover country classics and croon his own original ballads as well. The music is free and the Springs Wine and Beer Bar will be open.

Trevor McSpadden will bring his talented band 
to  The Springs on Saturday, May 25.

On Sunday, we'll host our final Star Party of the Season with Astronomer Dennis Mammana. The is month's topic is "Einstein's Eclipse".

Exactly one century ago the great scientist Albert Einstein turned the universe upside down as a total solar eclipse proved one of his greatest theories. Join us as we celebrate Einstein's eclipse, and one of the most monumental discoveries in astronomical history. $25 per person includes a light dinner, star talk and big-screen slide show, and telescope viewing if weather permits.

Plan now to come to the Springs RV Resort for Memorial Day Weekend and get in on the fun!
Call 760-767-0004 8-5 daily to talk to one of our friendly reservationists.

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-But mostly, really, just..... why?

We hope to see you soon  in sunny and starry Borrego Springs! 

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May is when many cactus species bloom, such as this Night Blooming Cereus.