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As always, we've been keeping busy at The Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity. There are new initiatives, and new articles--and more exciting news to come. Read on to see what we've been working on.


Announcing YCDC's Multicultural Dyslexia Awareness Initiative

The Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity created the Multicultural Dyslexia Awareness Initiative (MDAI) in order to provide awareness of dyslexia to communities of color and those of Latino heritage through dyslexia-focused advocacy, education and knowledge sharing with the student, parent, and education and legislative communities.


While there are numerous curricula and programs designed to increase literacy, dyslexia is often overlooked when searching for causes of low literacy.  Dyslexia is quite common affecting approximately 1 out of every 5 people.  More than 20% of the population is dyslexic, yet many remain undiagnosed, untreated and struggling with the impact of their dyslexia.


Dyslexia crosses racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic lines, and with proper, evidence-based instruction and accommodations, it can be remediated.  However, the diagnosis and treatment remain elusive in public schools, and even more so in urban school populations, African American and Latino communities.  With proper identification and intervention, this is preventable.   More awareness of and assessment for dyslexia, along with remediation for those diagnosed with dyslexia, especially in minority communities, can improve literacy. 


Learn more, click here. 

A Message from YCDC Co-Directors, Dr. Sally & Bennett Shaywitz

Drs. Sally & Bennett Shaywitz have been writing to our visitors in a new section of our website. You can often find a link to the newest message on our homepage, but will always find it by clicking on "About" and then "A Message from YCDC Co-Directors." In a recent entry, Drs. Sally & Bennett Shaywitz offer their perspective on a conference of learning specialists at Hopkins School in New Haven, where they gave a lecture for the NorthEast Association of Learning Specialists (NEALS). Read more about the event by clicking here.

Not-to-Miss Article for Educators!

We are delighted to have Hamlin School Head Wanda Holland Green share her ideas for stopping practices that leave some children on the curb and creating space for all to thrive. Read the article here.

Grassroots Parents' Dyslexia Group Expands into Connecticut, and 20 Other States  

Decoding Dyslexia is expanding, with chapters in 22 states. In February, Connecticut started its own chapter. YCDC spoke with founding member of the chapter this spring.


Read more about this grass roots parents' advocacy group here.  Click here. 


In the next issue, look for highlights of the first national meeting of Decoding Dyslexia chapters, co-sponsored by YCDC and Decoding Dyslexia chapters.  


Other Events & More to Come!

On May 6th, YCDC sponsored a special informational event and screening of the HBO film, "The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia" for New York City independent school educators and members of the NYC Department of Education.  There were more than 300 engaged and enthusiastic educators in attendance. Drs. Shaywitz spoke about the substantial science underlying dyslexia and how educators can translate this powerful knowledge in their own interactions with students in their classrooms.  Educators came away empowered with a refreshing new understanding of dyslexia and how to recognize dyslexia in their students, and, moreover, how to effectively intervene and accommodate these bright students.  


If you weren't at the talk, there is a section devoted to educators on the YCDC site, where you can learn more about helping your dyslexic students. Visit our Educators' Section.  


Before we sign off, we wanted to let you know that our next issue we plan to address the much-talked about DSM-5. Keep your eyes on your inbox for the next issue, and remember that there is a wealth of trustworthy information on our website, www.dyslexia.yale.edu.



The Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity


Got Dyslexia?
You're in Good Company!

Jay Leno

Jay Leno shares his dyslexia journey with YCDC.  Read it here.


"I discovered that being a little bit different actually sets you aside in show business; it makes you special." 

-Jay Leno 


Richard Engel
Credit: NBC News

Richard Engel, author and Chief Foreign Correspondent for NBC News, talked about his dyslexia at recent event in New York City.   


 Read more here.


Maggie Aderin-Pocock

If you thought that a dyslexic couldn't be a rocket scientist, think again.  Meet the brilliant space scientist Maggie Aderin-Pocock.  


 Click here.




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