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Library Series

Second Thursday of the Month

7 pm -8:30 pm



Oldies But Goodies

Catch up on presentations you may have missed...new and updated information! 



July 9th

Thyroid Health: The "Gas Pedal" for Your Metabolic Engine (Old Town)


August 13th

Healthy Bones

(Council Tree)


September 10th

Blood Sugar Balance

(Old Town)


October 8th

Cancer: Prevention and Support (New presentation!)

(Council Tree)



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Cooking with Crystal

Classes Devoted to Healthy Cooking Techniques


Taught by Crystal Melanson of Zen-Eats



Healthy Quick Lunches



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2015 Library Series: Oldies But Goodies


Kathy has been presenting cutting-edge nutrition information at the Poudre Valley Libraries since 2009. In this year's series of presentations she will update some of her most popular topics with the newest information to help you become your own best health resource. Healthy aging is not merely surviving; it is thriving!   


The presentations will be given at the Poudre Valley Libraries; rotating between the Old Town Library and Council Tree Library. They will always be on the second Thursday of the month at 7:00 to 8:30.  The next presentation is:


Thyroid Health: The "Gas Pedal" for Your Metabolic Engine



Fatigue, poor sleep, and weight gain are three chronic issues that negatively influence your quality of life. The metabolic engine that fuels your energy is the butterfly shaped-organ called the thyroid gland. This presentation will explain how thyroid function can be compromised and provide helpful suggestions to optimize its function and put the "pedal to the metal" as you go through your day. 

Thursday, July 9th
7:00 - 8:30 PM 
Old Town Library
201 Peterson Street 
Fort Collins, CO 80524 


Image: Bigstock
The Butterfly Inside You: The Tiny, Mighty Thyroid Gland
by Kathy Westover, MA, MNT

A busy butterfly lives just below your Adam's apple that is responsible for the regulation of your inner state of balance, or homeostasis. Like a butterfly, the thyroid quietly goes about its business without getting much attention until your doctor checks it with her hands during a routine exam. Unless something unusual is found at that time (e.g., swelling) or symptoms manifest that indicate a problem, there won't be much further ado about your thyroid.

Let's take a moment to find out what the thyroid does, how to know if there is a problem, and how to keep your thyroid healthy.

The thyroid is part of the endocrine system, which includes the pituitary gland, hypothalamus, thymus, pineal gland, testes, ovaries, adrenal glands, parathyroid, and pancreas. It makes hormones (e.g., T3, T4) that travel through your bloodstream and regulate your metabolism, brain and heart function, and reproductive and menstrual cycles.

When the thyroid is not functioning properly, a chain reaction of hormonal events takes place that involves many other glands/hormones of the endocrine system and the bodily systems they regulate. The end result is one of two primary types of health conditions: hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.

Hyperthyroidism results when the thyroid is overactive. Think of hyperthyroidism like a butterfly that can't stop fluttering its wings. Everything is on overdrive, including metabolism, frequency of bowels, emotions (anxiousness), increased sweating, and for lady butterflies only very light menstruation or cessation of the menstrual cycle. This butterfly often feels hot and can't maintain a healthy weight. There are also bouts of exhaustion from trying to maintain this intense state of arousal.

Hypothyroidism results when the thyroid is underactive. This butterfly just can?t get its wings to go. It's gained weight, feels sluggish, and has brittle hair and nails. It feels cold and tired, is kind of depressed, and suffers from constipation. The lady butterflies usually have irregular, heavy menstruation.

5 Ways to Keep Your Thyroid Healthy 

  1. Eat from the sea. The sea provides many natural sources of iodine, a building block of the thyroid hormone. Table salt can have a high concentration of iodine, but it is highly refined and can raise blood pressure. Instead use Himalayan Sea Salt and opt for saltwater fish, or try seaweed in a salad. Cod and halibut are high in selenium, which protects the thyroid gland during periods of stress and helps regulate hormone synthesis. Fish oil provides essential fatty acids that reduce inflammation, which plays a role in causing autoimmune diseases.
  2. Eat from the earth. Eat foods high in B vitamins, which are precursors to thyroid hormones and influence cell energy. Balance your diet with poultry, nuts and seeds, legumes, and whole grains. Red meat provides iron, zinc, magnesium, and other minerals essential for thyroid hormone function, and the health of other bodily systems affected by thyroid disorders (skin, hair, metabolism).
  3. Relax. A daily relaxation practice, such as just 10 minutes a day of silence and deep breathing, can make a difference in the state of mind and body.
  4. Move it! Exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Yoga is particularly good for thyroid health, including poses such as butterfly, fish pose, shoulder stand, and child?s pose.
  5. Get supplement-al insurance. Our diets aren't perfect, so supplementing with a vitamin/mineral or botanical (herb) regimen can provide extra insurance against exposure to stress, toxins, and perhaps your own family history. Be sure to consult with your wellness practitioner about the best nutraceutical products for you.

If you suspect a thyroid condition, talk with your wellness provider right away. There are a variety of tests that can help your doctor create an appropriate treatment plan.

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Image: Bigstock
Brazil Nut Butter


M aking freshly ground nut butters at home gives you the opportunity to enjoy these nutritious spreads without added sugar, salt, or preservatives often found in store-bought varieties. Brazil Nuts are rich in both selenium and zinc, nutrients that are necessary for healthy thyroid function.

Note: There is a 2 to 1 ratio of nuts to nut butter. To make 1 cup of nut butter, start with 2 cups of shelled nuts.

2 cups organic raw nuts
Optional flavor add-ins (all to taste; opt for organic or locally sourced):
Stevia, honey or maple syrup
Vanilla or almond extract
Cocoa powder or cacao nibs*
Puree of dried fruit or dried fruit bits* (apricot, raisin, cherry, cranberry)

*The former creates a smooth spread, the latter chunky.

Optional Prep:
(a) To make the nuts more digestible, soak and dehydrate the nuts to extract phytic acids (compounds that bind minerals). Before grinding, soak nuts in water and cover for 8-12 hours. Dehydrate about 10 hours.

(b) To add a distinctive, warm flavor, toast the nuts before grinding. Toast nuts on a dry baking sheet at 400?F until nuts are fragrant and lightly browned, 5 to 10 minutes. Watch closely; nuts easily scorch. Nuts should be cool to the touch before grinding.


Food processor or high-speed blender (e.g., Vitamix).

Place nuts into a food processor and start blending, leaving out the optional flavor add-ins. Blend for 11-12 minutes. You may need to grind at various speeds or intervals until you reach the consistency that meets your taste preferences. The nuts will go through several stages and you?ll need to keep pressing the contents into the center of the blender as you go through the process. The nuts will crumble, clump, ball, redistribute, and then finally ? the oils will release, and you?ll have a nice spread.

Mix in your choice of flavor add-ins by hand. Nut butter keeps in the refrigerator for about a month.

Anton Health and Nutrition. "Homemade Nut Butter."

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By making small changes in your lifestyle,
you can make big changes in your health! 
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