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July |  2022

Hey folks! It's been a while since the last time we shared info -that is not covid related- with you. So here's a little update on what’s been happening in the Tola area recently. We hope you enjoy reading about it and as usual we would love to see you coming down here soon! 

Great waves!

In spite of one of the rainiest seasons on record so far we have seen some incredible surf conditions between storms. There were a few spells of onshore wind patterns we had to suffer through so far this season but those who stuck it out have been rewarded with some epic sand bar setups at the beach breaks and magical sessions at the reefs and points. The canicula (mini-summer) is here now and should offer up a heavier dose of the consistent light offshore with occasional showers weather conditions we expect and love about this time if year. The near term forecast is looking epic for the points and reefs as that swell that just hit Tahiti arrives. Farther out as this next long period swell fades is looking unreal for the beach breaks.

Road construction

The construction of the Ochomogo-Las Salinas road officially started about a year ago. This is part of the larger Coastal Road Project recently announced by the Government and which is expected to connect the central pacific beaches to the Costa Rica Border. It wasn’t until a few months ago that we started noticing major progress: new culverts being installed, new material being brought in, grading and raising the road height. So far no paving work is being done. What has been done on this section is already speeding up the trip to Managua. This 29K long and 9 meters wide road will eventually be covered with cobblestone and is supposed to take about 3 years to be completed. This is not the only change that will make your trip from the airport easier. The new Nandaime-Catarina road has also been under expansion work and there is also a brand new road by-passing Tipitapa on the way to the airport. We’re loving the progress.

Real estate news

The big public road project mentioned above has brought with it some additional government oversight on real estate transactions. For sales along the coast (<200m from the ocean) and near proposed road route changes an additional certificate of no objection is being required from the local authorities. This has slowed closings in area and is the reason you will notice more properties remain in the “under contract” phase of the process for longer than the typical 45 days. It seems confidence is high that this will be resolved eventually as buyers have continued to make offers and secure their purchase with a contract. Inventory is therefore as light as we have seen and prices seem to be appreciating/holding strong. For more on available properties you can check out our listings here. If you are a property owner looking to sell now is a good time to list, and NSR would be happy to help you find a buyer email us at carls@surfnsr.com for more info. 

New Playground open to the public

The latest addition to the Hacienda Iguana community is the new playground at Costa Esmeralda Education Center, which is open to the public. It looks fun, colorful and with some elements that even some adventurous adults might want to free their inner child and enjoy! Our friends from CEEC are still welcoming and very thankful for any donations to help cover the cost of the materials and construction. If you feel inspired to contribute PayPal can be sent to surfnica@hotmail.com 

Tropical storm Bonnie

On July 2 we experienced the impact of Bonnie, an unseasonably early Tropical Storm with 40k/h speed winds and heavy rains. There was a lot speculation about it in the days before, and as a community that has suffered some damage from past storms and hurricanes, we were prepared. Luckily it was just a lot of rain for about 6-7 hours and there was no flooding that affected the communities and their inhabitants. In general this year has been raining more than the previous ones, but so far so good.

4th of July celebration

Once again Rancho Santana hosted a bbq party for their US expat guests and the surrounding neighbors to celebrate US Independence Day. More than 300 people in red, white and blue outfits and kids with painted faces enjoyed hot dogs, burgers and chili in a relaxed environment with live music and an amazing fireworks show! It was nice to see a lot of people enjoying this holiday that has become a tradition in the area.

Iguana’s community market

A couple of weeks ago, Hacienda Iguana hosted its first neighborhood market that took place at the community palapa. Vendors from all over the community got together to exhibit their art and offer their products. There was a little bit of everything, from jewelry and homemade hot sauces to home decor and used clothes, golf clubs and surfboards. There was also live music and our friends from Beach Patrol Nicaragua were teaching how to perform CPR. This market was so successful that is now happening every Saturday during July and August. So, get rid of your clutter and bring it to the next one! People from the nearby communities are also welcome to participate. 

You could be the next one!

Meet Noah Brownell from St. Augustine, Florida! Noah is currently living his best life, mastering the balance between work and surfing his brains out. He brings us tons of surf shop experience, laughs and good times and in exchange he gets a pretty sweet place to live and (hopefully) enough cash to not dig too deep into savings (though this is questionable based on his appetite)! We'll start looking for seasonal surf shop staff in February so shoot Heather an email at heatherm@surfnsr.com if you want to be considered for a position next season!

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