Topi-CLICK ® by DoseLogix
Revealed as Most Accurate Topical Metered-Dosing Dispenser in Independent Study*
Since introducing Topi-CLICK ® in 2007, DoseLogix has emphasized superior accuracy and precision compared to other types of dispensers. Now there is scientific research to confirm it. Read more at
Interesting News segment that features Topi-CLICK as prescribed by a well-known physician.

No education or marketing tool is more valuable to your business or carries more credibility than when health professionals continue to show how important your products are to their patients and practice. Like the previous Topi-CLICK television segments on The Doctors, Oprah with Dr. Oz, and Dr. Phil shows, here's another recent News segment that shows Topi-CLICK as prescribed by a well-known physician. Aired January 20, 2016:
February 2016
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