Trail Jesters to race 2014 International Six Days Enduro


All three Trail Jesters took home gold medals at the two day AMA ISDE qualifier in Wellston, Ohio. 

Copake Lake, N.Y. (July 14, 2014) - Two members of the Trail Jesters/Edelmann Sales/KTM Racing team will compete for the first time at the 2014 International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) in San Juan, Argentina, on Nov. 3-8. Along with 33 others on club teams from around the country, cousins John and Ben Kelley will represent the U.S. in the 89th running of this premier off-road world championship event. The ISDE is the most prestigious and largest annual off-road motorcycle race in the world.


Each year the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) sanctions two U.S. qualifier events where riders take their shot at being selected for one of the club teams that will compete at the ISDE. Choosing the Ohio event on June 14-15, Trail Jesters John and Ben Kelley and Josh Toth would cross over 120 miles of terrain with six plus special tests each day. The plan was to see how well these three young New England riders would stack up against the rest of the nation and learn the format of ISDE racing.


"We went to the qualifier just to gain exposure and rider experience, and to learn this format of racing with the anticipation of being able to actually qualify for the ISDE in 2015 or 2016. No one thought that all three boys would put together two excellent days and finish fourth, fifth, and sixth overall putting them in position to potentially be asked by the AMA to compete in the six days event," said Ross Mauri, Trail Jesters founder.


One aspect of the qualifiers is a technical inspection of the bike including marking of critical parts such as swing arm, etc., and impounding of bikes during all non-race time over the two day period. Racers have 10 minutes each morning immediately before the start of the race to work on their bikes and only 15 minutes immediately after the race for maintenance and repair. Maintenance in these time windows includes things such as changing air filters, brake pads and tires. Riders at the actual ISDE have to personally do all repair and maintenance work on their bikes. Any help results in immediate disqualification.


"I have always wanted to do the race since I watched my Dad's old videos of him racing. Doing this qualifier I knew would be the first step to completing my goal racing in the ISDE. I rode the first test great. Eight hours and seven tests later I noticed how fast and rock free the trails were and how much fun I was having. After another eight hours and six tests I was finished and in one piece and happy to be done on day two," said John Kelley. 



Ben Kelley took first in E2 on day two during special test one at the two day ISDE qualifier. 



"Not knowing what to expect I was off racing around the grass track in the first special test and my nerves faded. In the second special test I was ripped off my bike when a vine caught my neck. I quickly rebounded from the crash and finished the test. Throughout the rest of the day I found myself lying on the ground a lot more than I should have been. After a long first day and a huge learning experience I was surprised to see how well I did. At the end of day two the results stayed the same. I finished off the weekend second in E2 [the E2 class features 175cc to 250cc two-stroke and 290cc to 450cc four-stroke motorcycles] and was fourth overall against the other 61 Letter of Intent [LOI] racers," said Ben Kelley.


This is a test of a man and his machine. For the global enduro community the ISDE is considered to be the most grueling and technical competition in the world, comparable to what would be the Olympics of motorcycling. The club teams will be scored each day and after six days the lowest combined score is the winner. To date the U.S. has never won the World Trophy.


Toth was on a brand new 125 but a faulty aftermarket light kit made the bike die in the jetting area right before impound. The crew was wrenching for hours on the bike and had no luck getting it to spark. There was no option for him but to switch classes from E1 to E2 (E1 class features 100cc to 125cc two-stroke and 175cc to 250cc four-stroke motorcycles; the E2 class features 175cc to 250cc two-stroke and 290cc to 450cc four-stroke motorcycles) and race a new machine without any prior riding experience.


"I never even sat the bike before and had one minute to warm it up and start the first special test. It was rough and I crashed a lot. As day two started I had a much better idea of the racing format and was getting more comfortable on the Husaberg FE350 every mile. I continued to improve throughout the day and stayed in the top five overall in every test. I only had one bad mistake but managed to stay off the ground. At the end of the two days and 240 miles I finished third in E2 and fifth overall," said Toth.

John Kelley looking focused and ready on day one of the ISDE qualifier.  



After the Ohio qualifier the call came from the AMA inviting two of three Trail Jester riders who had competed, John and Ben Kelley, to be a part of the U.S. team. Since Toth took third in E2 he was not asked because the two riders in front of him were accepted. Ben Kelley will be competing on a KTM 250xc and John Kelley on a KTM 300xc at the ISDE. 


"If he could have stayed in the original class [E1] he for sure would have gotten his official invite. That is why we tried to have one rider per class so they were not competing against each other," said Mauri. "All these opportunities would not be possible without the support of Moose Racing, GTR Suspension, Bullet Proof Designs and P3 Composites for there continued support and great products! We want to thank Jeff Anton from Squid Decals for the printing the new team jerseys. We in particular want to acknowledge Billy Burns for his sage advice and help in getting these young riders ready to tackle the tough challenge of going for gold at the ISDE." 


Trail Jesters is now in full preparation mode for the 2014 ISDE 2014. The team has a lot to do in the next 18 weeks including preparing the KTM 250xc and KTM300xc motorcycles, fundraising and timed maintenance. These things are very important if there is a chance at running for a gold medal. Fundraising and new sponsors are necessary given the high cost of international racing. Please email or contact the team via social media if you would like to support these talented young racers. All proceeds will go directly to the Trail Jesters ISDE team efforts and providing international transportation of the athletes to this important event. 

The route for the 2014 ISDE race to be held this year in San Juan, Argentina. 
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3  JOHN MAIER 9832

2014 ISDE Event Schedule


Sunday October 26Event's Secretariat opens in San Juan.
Monday October 27Paddock opens.
Wednesday October 29Publication of venues and tracks of the special tests.

First Jury meeting.
Tuesday October 28 to Friday October 31Practice Area opens.
Friday October 31Opening of Media Centre.
Thursday October 30 to Saturday November 1Pre-Event administrative verification and technical Scrutineering.
Saturday November 1
Parade and Starting Ceremony.
Monday November 3 to SaturdayNovember 8 ISDE 2014.
Saturday November 8Final Test.

Final Examination. Prize-Awarding Ceremony.

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