Trauma Recovery/HAP Newsletter
May 2015
Hands Reaching Out

For all of us at Trauma Recovery, it is heartbreaking to think about the devastating earthquake and its impact on the people of Nepal. Today, the international relief organizations are on the ground, providing medical care, water, food and trying to provide the stability that will keep people safe.


But once the relief volunteers leave, then the impact of the devastation will be felt by those who are left behind. The trauma of what has happened will begin to take root and for many, it will be a far more difficult recovery process. That is when the therapy clinicians trained by Trauma Recovery will begin their work.

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Boston Area TRN Update
Two Years After The Boston Marathon Bombing Still Hard at Work

As the Boston sector of Trauma Recovery began their EMDR community in late 2012, their skills and help were requested upon the arrival of Hurricane Sandy in Staten Island, NY. Gaining knowledge from Elan Shaprio and experience from this traumatic event, the Boston Area TRN was able to quickly adapt when the bombs went off at the Boston Marathon in 2013.

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We are HAPpy to Introduce...
Donald deGraffenried, LCSW

As we welcomed our friend and colleague Don deGraffenried this month to the Trauma Recovery team as Program and Community Development Director we would like to thank him for his exceptional skills and commitment to this organization. Don has shared with us his inspiration on how he got involved in EMDR therapy.

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What we are doing locally...

Many, if not most, people struggling with addiction problems have a history of trauma. Understanding how to treat trauma is therefore imperative in working with this population, and in so doing, making a significant difference in local communities.


Trauma Recovery/HAP recently met with the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) Evidence Based Practice Governance Group in order to foster a developing relationship. The goal is to collaboratively develop and apply a strategy for EMDR therapy training and sustained implementation at a local state level.


NEW Kids/Teens Kit
A handy carry bag containing a toolkit for working with children and teens.

Contents include: a set of laminated tools (two Feelings Cards, a Thermometer to mark intensity of feelings, SUDs and VOC scales); a Dissociation Chart; kids/teens cognition flash cards; animal resource cards; finger puppets; hiding/invisible glasses and a red marker.

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New Additions to our Resource Center!
6 DVD Set w/ CEUs

Kids/Teens Kit

NEW FEATURE: Pet of the Month!
"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."
- Anatole France
This is Carol Martin's puppy Calvi!  He is our unofficial HAP mascot and brings such joy to our office.  We want to see and hear about the pets that bring happiness to your lives!  Send us a picture and brief description and we will feature a new pet each month!

New DVD Set
From Carol Forgash 
We have a new DVD on Healing the Heart of Complex Trauma & Dissociation with EMDR & Ego State Therapy; By Carol Forgash, who teaches theory and practice skills integrating EMDR, Ego State therapy and Dissociative Disorder Treatment methods in the area of complex trauma and dissociation.
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