November 2012Issue: #1

Today is Deepavali ~ the festival of Lights.  It is the Vedic New Year celebrated on the New Moon that follows Navaratri, the 9-night Devi Puja.


Deepavali is when darkness is overcome by Light.   It is auspicious to start something new on this day such as a home practice, a new skill you want to develop, enhance your physical or mental disciplines, open a new business,  have a sacred ceremony....


Nearly a billion people will be celebrating Deepavali for the next 1 to 5 days. Join in on the excitement ~and feel the birth of energy.

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Kaliji's October
Upcoming Events
Around the World
Center Tips
Featured Recipe
Kaliji's October
Kaliji returned from her trip to Bhutan and began a month of travel around the US.  Visits to Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio and Pennsylvania -- and a Live On-Line Festival on October 21st.  
Upcoming Events
Sri Swamiji comes to the US :
Concerts in San Jose, Dallas, and New Jersey!  
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Around the World
TriYoga is a global community ~ in November, traveling senior teachers make their marks: Eva Maria gives a teacher training in Denmark, Matarani gives workshops in Switzerland and Israel, and John and Stef continue Basics and Level 1 teacher trainings in China.
What's happening in your corner?
On the KRIYA Site
Senior teachers answer your flow questions 
KRIYA members can view the video answers here.


Coming in December!

TriYoga rings out the old year with excitement! Kaliji travels to Sri Swamiji's Ashrama in Mysore, then to the 7-day retreat in Goa to celebrate TriYoga's 33rd Anniversary.

Basics Teacher Trainings continue in both TriYoga Centers in Pennsylvania and in Graz, Austria; Level 1 in Shenzhen, China; 
and Level 2 teacher training in Konigstein, Germany.
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TriYoga Debuts in Argentina! 

Teacher Ishvari (Claudia Moreina), who lives and practices in Germany, traveled to her native country Argentina and gave a workshop in Neuquen.
Message from KALIJI:

The trinity of practice (abhyasa); philosophy (jnana); 

community (sanga) infuses the yoga journey with energy.  

KRIYA is TriYoga's online community to share knowledge 

and to connect the TriYogi's throughout the 40-countries.

I give thanks to Editor Stef for the release of this first 

newsletter on Deepavali ~ the Vedic New Year.

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and we'll share them with your community.
... in the flow,
TriYoga International  
Center Tips

At the TriYoga Center Santa Cruz, they hung a net from the ceiling in which to store the inflatable balls-- no more chasing the rolling friends around!
Featured Recipe
Pear Smoothie

Enjoy the crisp, fall flavor of pears in this refreshing smoothie.

Blend 2 ripe pears with 1 bunch of fresh parsley : add 2 slices of peeled lemon and 2 dates.  
This smoothie turns out light and fluffy, like a mousse, so water (or pear juice) can be added.

Parsley is available year-round almost all over the world, and is great at eliminating heavy metals from the body.  Lemons help us to digest the raw greens, and helps us to absorb the calcium.  And the pears' sweetness is a great compliment to the tart parsley.

from MitraDeva's kitchen, inspired by Elaina Love
In December's Newsletter:
New products, TriYoga world news, and a recipe for 
RAW Pumpkin Pie
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