July 2013
Issue: #9

Guru Purnima is celebrated on the full moon in July. It is a day in honor of teacher and teaching. It is also known as Vyasa Purnima due to Sage Vyasa's immense contribution to the Vedas and other classic spiritual teachings. Full moon represents knowledge. May we honor and celebrate Guru and higher knowledge on this auspicious day.  A U M


Kaliji was the master of ceremonies for Sri Swamiji's concert at LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  She also participated in the groundbreaking ceremony at the new Hanuman temple outside Dallas, Texas, and attended the Healing & Meditation Concert in Chicago. 
While on tour, Kaliji also taught at the TriYoga Center in Cedar Rapids (click here for photos and more) and for the TriYoga communities in Chicago, New Orleans, and Cincinnati.
Join Kaliji live online July 28th & August 4th 
and follow her travels on the TriYoga News site!

New Programs in Malibu
Join Kaliji  at a beautiful new TriYoga location in Malibu 
August 3rd for Yogaflow, vegan meal and chanting. 

Have you been to KRIYA lately?
There are new Q&A videos with senior teachers answering the questions submitted by students from around the world.  Ever wondered about the difference between Serenity Bow and Serenity Forward Bend?  Or considered how to transition from Crow to Star?  Check out the  KRIYA site to find out!

Around the World

Nandi traveled to Denmark to begin a Basics Teacher Training, and John & Stef were "down under" at the TriYoga Center in Ballarat and in Cairns, Australia doing the same thing.  Watch these new teachers progress and look for their certification announcements on the Kriya site.
Eva-Maria returned to China for the ongoing teacher training programs in Shenzhen, and Theresa begins the "deepening year" program at TriYoga Central PA.
What's happening in your corner?

 Join Kaliji online September 7th 
for an introduction to Nada Yoga. 

New on YouTube
Watch Vegan MD (with a cap) teaching easy vegan recipes -- 
see how much fun a healthy diet can be.

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Join Kaliji in the Catskills

Enjoy a weekend retreat with Kaliji at the beautiful Menla Mountain Retreat Center September 19-22 in upstate New York.

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New Online Course! 
Kaliji will be giving a 2-part Jnana course online, 
August 4th and October 6th.  

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