April 2013
Issue: #6
April brings the earth into full bloom, and we celebrate 
Earth Day every day! 
Walk light on the planet, feel the connection to all living creatures, and expand our hearts to all of creation.
This month's newsletter is dedicated to raising our consciousness through plant-based diet: increased compassion, improved health, and a healing planet.

Have you been to KRIYA lately?

Visit our online community site to hear Kaliji's recent talk on the AHIMSA TRINITY of human health, animal welfare and ecology as she presented it at NYC's Columbia University.

Around the World
  MitraDeva presents a vegan cooking workshop in Koln (Cologne) May 25th.  Click here for more details (in German)
Kelli offers  Vegan Wellness Retreats in Santa Cruz, CA and Long Island, NY in June.  Visit her website or contact her for more information or to register.
The first TriYoga Teacher Training in Mexico has just been announced for this summer: contact Corina for more information. 
Check the calendars at triyoga.com
and triyoga.eu for more programs going on this month.
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Stay up-to-date with TriYoga news and events around the world: see pictures from Kalji's recent trips to Sebastopol, CA and Spring Mills, PA. Check often to see what's happening now! 
Featured Recipe

Raw Halva
Halva is a popular sweet in India, the Middle East and throughout the world. Enjoy this colorful, raw variation on a global treat!

3 medium carrots
3 soaked dates
15 pecans
1 T cashew butter
some raisins and cashews for garnish

Grind the pecans into a powder 
& set aside.
Grate/grind the dates and carrots.  Pour this mixture into a big bowl with the pecan powder and cashew butter.  Mix well and garnish with cashews and raisins. 
Coming Web Attractions
Kaliji offers LIVE Flow and Jnana sessions 
May 12 and June 23.  
Spring Cleaning, Inside and Out
Learn more about the basics and benefits of regular fasting by clicking here for an article by John (Jivada) Cottone, ND, Ph.D.
Victory for AHIMSA!

Harvard recently announced that it will close its primate research facility!
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