March 2013
Issue: #5
 For many societies throughout history, March signals the beginning of the new year ~ the rebirth of spring bringing new energy and creativity inside and out.
Have you been to KRIYA lately?
In March, the Kriya site hosted two live sessions with KALIJI, a PreNatal Teacher Training, and new chants and interviews.  Become a part of the worldwide on-line TriYoga community by clicking here

April is Birthday month!! 
Kaliji will travel to Sebastopol, CA and to TriYoga Center Central Pennsylvania for celebrations on each coast. Then to Munich and Vienna to share the light of TriYoga with our European friends!
Look for Kaliji's schedule on the calendar 
and more stories from this month on the TriYoga news.
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Around the World
Vegan meal at TYC TaoYuan
  • Level 1 in Italy with Eva-Maria, Level 2 in Denmark with John & Stef, and Level 3 in Konigstein with Matarani -teacher trainings all over Europe this month!
  • Kelli gave her first Vegan Wellness Retreat in Santa Cruz in March and has another scheduled for June.
  • TriYoga Center TaoYuan (Taiwan) has monthly "TriYoga Family Day" with classes and activities for all. They would love to invite YOU via Skype-email for contact information.
  • The TriYoga Community in Berlin continued its regular meetings with a Shivaratri celebration and flow classes.
    TriYoga Community Berlin 
What's happening in your corner?

there is a universal trinity inherent in creation.

it is called sat cit ananda ~  
the attributes of the soul, consciousness:
it is eternal awareness * highest knowledge * absolute bliss.

looking into the mind, the field of consciousness,
we will see that when we adhere to the trinity ~
create, sustain, complete ~ in relation to our thoughts,
and the way we lead our lives, 
we will live more fully in the present.
moment to moment awareness allows one to understand how the past creates the present and how the present will create the future.
through clarity of mind (as achieved in meditation), 
one will receive guidance from one's buddhi (higher mind)
on what to do (dharma).  the wise will follow through 
and complete it.

in this way we systematically move 
through our karma with greater ease.
from the witness state we perform without attachment 
while experiencing the fruits of the positive actions.

~ yogini kaliji
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Another Idea from TriYoga Central PA:


"Every few weeks, we highlight a student who studies TriYoga with a picture and a few words.  We place this as an ad in the local paper, send out the blurb to our mailing list and post the write-up at the centers.  It introduces the students to each other and featured students are the talk of the town.  This photo shows The Sensational Seventies, four women over 70 who take class in State College."

Read all about it!
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Featured Recipe

Chai Tea
Warm yourself inside and out with this classic Indian drink

Boil 10 - 15 cups of water and add 2/3 cup of ginger root cut into 1 " pieces, 6 cinnamon sticks broken into 1" pieces, 1 T cardamom pods, 1 t fenugreek seeds, and cloves.
Simmer for about 20 minutes, then strain out the spices. Add 1/3 c darjeeling or other black tea, and steep for 5 minutes. Strain again, and add sweetener and nut or soy milk. 
Coming Web Attractions
Online vegan cooking class with Kelli 
April 7th
Kaliji offers LIVE Flow and Jnana sessions 
April 14, May 12 and June 23.  
New TriYoga Center!
The world's newest TriYoga Center opened this month in  Zurich, Switzerland!

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