January 2013Issue: #3

January 5th marked the 33rd anniversary of KRIYAVATI, the spontaneous birth of TriYoga.  Since that day, this miracle has brought thousands of people "into the flow" , bringing us in harmony with nature, with the universe, and with our true, blissful selves.  We celebrate together  ~ at the Goa Retreat which concluded on January 5th, at TRIYOGA 33 at TYC Santa Cruz, and in classes and workshops around the world.

Message from KALIJI:


Yoga is a playground of endless wonder. 

Spiritual wealth is made accessible through asana, pranayama, mudra, chanting, self-enquiry, meditation.

 Immerse in the energy techniques 

to discover your unlimited potential.

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Message from KALIJI
Kaliji's December
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Kaliji in India
As part of Kaliji's 5th Yoga Yatra organized by Dr Ragavindra Pai, December 22 - 27, Kaliji gave a demonstration in front of the Mysore Palace.  Kaliji is  the first person EVER to be granted such an honor.  After the demonstration, Kaliji and her group were given a private tour of the palace, and allowed into several rooms closed to the public. Kaliji also gave a presentation to the District Press Club, to the present and former Mayors of Mysore, to the local police, and to L&T, one of the largest engineering firms in Mysore.
View Yatra video here.
Kaliji's 2012

Kaliji's ongoing world TriYoga tour continued in 2012 with

79 flights and 

150,855 miles flown!

Around the World
  • A new TriYoga Community was established in Rhein-Main, Germany, with 5 teachers meeting regularly.
  • 125 hours Level 1 Training completed in Shenzhen, China.
  • Berlin teachers Claudia and Perla offered a intro workshop for Basics Prana Vidya and flows, introducing new students to the TriYoga practice. 
  • PV in Berlin
What's happening in your corner?
New Site!
The KRIYA site has been renovated, refurbished and renewed !
The updated side has a fantastic new look and even more content.
Join now to get access to Live sessions, videos, archived talks, questions and answers, and the TriYoga community
 around the world.
... in the flow,
TriYoga International  
Victories for our Animal Family!

More and more people are awakening to the awareness of their animal friends, and this knowledge is reaching into our governments and legistlatures!

Recently, the government of Israel joined the EU ban on animal tested cosmetics 

and the US government has proposed strict new restrictions on medical and behavioral research on chimpanzees! 

Our very own cooking show!
Watch vegan chef Kelli make delicious cranberry orange oatmeal!
Center Tips

TriYoga Center Vienna offers props in a bright, attractive and neat display.  Students know exactly where to find what they need, and how to return their props to "natural alignment" after use!
Class +

As part of the rebirth of TriYoga Center Santa Cruz, teaching staff are offering "Class +" ~ special events focusing on different aspects of the TriYoga sadhana.  Shorter classes, longer workshops and specialized topics changing on a weekly basis!
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The TriYoga Online Store will soon be stocked with new anniversary  t-shirts, hoodies, and vests.
Also look for jewelry designed by tabla teacher Prasan, a sale on classic t-shirt designs, and 
great deals on Mercury Max CDs.