Commended to our prayers: Parkie, Kalani, Claudia, Ilsa, Eagle & John, Melissa, Meredith, Noah & family.

Birthdays: Christine Moore (11/1), Halldor Hjalmarson (11/2), Amy Carlile, Bitsy Susich (11/3), Louise Cunningham, Chris Bates (11/4), Benjamin Bosler, James Bosler (11/5), and Mary Muñoz, Darren Herring (11/7).

Anniversaries: Joe Harte, Jr. & Susan Harte (11/5).

Departed this Life: All who have died during this pandemic.

Diocesan and Anglican Cycle of Prayer:
  • St. Mark’s, Mesa;
  • The Anglican Church of the Province of West Africa;
  • Justin, the Archbishop of Canterbury;
  • Michael, our Presiding Bishop;
  • Jennifer, our Bishop;
  • and all bishops, priests, and deacons.

Community Prayers:
  • We pray for Health Care Workers, Doctors, Nurses along with those who support the work they do.
  • For those in positions of authority in our city, our State and our Nation that they make wise and humane decisions.
  • For this community that we strive for peace and justice in our daily lives and in the work that God has given us to do.
  • For all who serve the nation, especially those in the armed forces.
  • And, for refugees and all those affected by warfare, civil unrest, and natural disasters, including those affected by wildfires in the western United States and those affected by tropical storms and hurricanes in the South.